28 June 2015

Better late than never.

It's hard to believe it's been almost half a year since I last blogged, time flies by too fast! I have been browsing and shopping online for clothes, but haven't really found anything worth bookmarking. Almost all of my recent clothing purchases come from Uniqlo. I've become even more budget-conscious, and my wardrobe is sort of maturing I guess, so I'm more into basics now. Asos hasn't had much that caught my eye either (too clingy, too short, not cotton, etc.), and if there's something I like, it's usually too pricey for me to justify the purchase. Qoo10 has a few sellers selling cotton dresses, but the reviews these sellers receive are mostly negative since most of these clothes are made in China. The items rarely come as pictured, and frankly, as cheap as they might be, I'm not keen on taking the risk.

I'm happy though, to have found a seller on Qoo10 selling self-manufactured printed cotton dresses: Charmed on 9th Ave. Majority of them are sleeveless, which is a shame as I wish there were more sleeved pieces, but welp, can't complain! Here are some of the pieces I've my eye on:

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