18 February 2014

At long last..

Esprit Ribbed Dress - SGD32.40 (originally USD59.50!)
I got a new dress! It feels like it's been awhile since I last shopped.. I haven't bought anything from Esprit for a long, long time; over the years their designs appealed less and less to me, but this dress has everything I've been looking for, so I got it! I hope the fabric isn't very thick, but even if it is, who am I to complain? I got it for SGD27.50, which is a lot less than I'm willing to spend on a dress (I just upped my dress budget to SGD50, seeing as how nice cotton things tend to be pricier than polyester ones); I was lucky enough to get it with a 15% off code, and even luckier to get it when it magically came back in stock!

I'm guessing someone must have decided not to get it after all, so hurray for me! I actually wanted to remove it from my Saved List since it was already OOS when I last checked, but I decided to just leave it there and watch it for the next few days. I'm glad I waited! Can't wait to get this dress. I'm just praying now it'll fit my hips.

*Update: Fabric's quite thick for SG weather, but the quality is really good. On me, it looks nothing like what it does on the model; much clingier and definitely more fitting, I could see my tummy bumping out. Luckily it's black, plus it's nothing a proper girdle can't fix.