18 January 2014

New year, new list!

I haven't had much time or cash to shop online.. But since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I've been looking to see if there's something within my budget worth buying. I haven't found anything in particular yet (my criteria to be met is pretty specific), but here are a couple of trends that have caught my attention:

1) Stained glass clothing

Isn't it pretty? I've yet to find stained glass clothing made in cotton though; this one's made of a fabric that may just work for me, but I'm not even going to consider getting it because of the price. It's a lovely piece though that is work-appropriate yet stands out.

2) Horse-related anything

Asos Limited Edition Horseshoe Ring (SGD19.27)
As you know this year's the Year of the Horse (my year!), and I've been looking at horse-related things more often than usual - think My Little Pony, vintage horse tees, saddle bags, etc. Certainly no ponyhair for me!

3) Smock dresses

Asos Camo Smock Dress (SGD26.50)

Some people may find them shapeless, but I like them that way! They're something I can picture myself in that looks and feels forgiving but aren't completely shapeless. If you think about it, the skirts are always slightly flared out from the waist-down so the dresses do have some sort of shape. Plus they're just so cute and a welcome break from skater skirts that cinch my waist; something I'd wear to a buffet and well, all the time! They're also relatively not as.. juvenile-looking as skater skirts, which are not as easy to pull off, especially when you're in your mid-20s and you see teenage girls everywhere in them.

4) Tartan/Plaid

Gap Plaid Flannel Shirtdress (SGD41.10)

I love grunge fashion; it's so comfy and casual, there's lots of dark earthy colors, tartan and denim, and the best part is that it feels kinda bad@ss but not overly (no spikes or full-black outfits). Tartan is one print that I feel comfiest in!

5) Shirt dresses

Bow-Neck Shirt Dress (USD118.00)
I like that they look office-appropriate but not overly formal; something that I can be comfortable wearing on weekends too!

6) Maxi everything

Uniqlo Melange Maxi Dress (SGD19.90)
I used to wear jeans all the time; years of hot weather has gotten to me though, so I've switched to wearing skirts and dresses. Maxi dresses and skirts are great for covering up my chunky legs and look flattering on almost anyone, so what's there not to like?

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