29 November 2014


I was at Suntec yesterday and saw these at a gift shop selling for $15 each. Aren't they adorable?! They are perfect for snazzing up sneakers. Even better if you have a kid, then you can have matching sneakers! These are my top three picks:

06 October 2014

So much happiness!

I'm so happy right now! This has been the best weekend I've had in a long time. I was actually reluctant to go out to watch The Maze Runner today; it turned out to be a great show, and I'm looking forward to seeing the second and third! We went to Vivocity to watch it, and there was an Ecco pop-up sale going on. My partner pointed it out and my first though was "Meh, Ecco has ugly shoes". But since we had lots of time before the movie started, I figured there was no harm in looking, and I'm so glad I did! These heels are exactly what I need for more formal occasions (job interviews, dinners, etc.).

Although it was pretty pricey at $160, it was 33% off and real leather, so it's hardly guilt-inducing. I was honestly tempted to go to their outlet store at IMM to see if I can get it cheaper, but decided not to since I've been wanting a pair of smoking slippers, and I couldn't risk losing them. There was one last black pair in my size, and although it's a little tight now, the sole is pretty comfy. The nice burgundy-brown color pair caught my eye first, but I decided black would be a better choice as it's easier to match, and as my partner put it, it's more practical and professional. Men lol.

28 September 2014

It's been awhile!

I saw these Nike Dunk Sky His on Asos about a month back when it was still in stock and on sale; I hesitated though cuz I wasn't sure if it'd fit me, and if it'd be too narrow or uncomfy for my feet. I saw a beige pair at the Nike factory outlet store in West Coast Plaza, but unfortunately they didn't have my size so I couldn't try them on.. I hope I'll see a pair in my size soon! I really need a pair of sneakers.

*Edit: I managed to try on a pair at Limited Edition Vault. It was their biggest size yet I couldn't squeeze my feet into them because they were just too narrow for me. Oh well.

16 May 2014

Aren't these pretty?

CARLINE (earth) by UP - USD30.00

Whenever I'm in a shoe shop there a few types of shoes that I look out for like boots, loafers, and sneakers, but clogs are always the first to catch my attention in a shoe shop. I follow Indonesian fashion blogger Diana Rikasari on Instagram, and recently she posted a pic of herself wearing the black version of these clogs, which I liked. This particular design is so much prettier though, plus it's so unique! Have I mentioned that I love ethnic prints too?

What's even better is that they offer wide sizing! I'm starting to think that maybe I should start buying footwear online..

14 May 2014

Oh happy day.

Asos Skater Dress in Purple - SGD19.06

After waiting for almost a month, my second Asos-brand purchase arrived, and I'm so thrilled, I want it in at least three other colors now. I honestly thought I'd never buy anything else Asos-branded after I got my disappointing white Asos-brand skirt two years ago, but after getting this dress, I've to admit, maybe Asos-branded clothes aren't that bad after all.

Normally I'd be pretty pissed at having to wait this long, but seeing as how I got it for just SGD19.06 (the other colors are almost thrice the price!) and it fits me pretty well, I'm not gonna complain.. I'm just relieved it didn't get lost in the mail.

Oh and here's a tip: next time you shop at Asos, pay in GBP instead of SGD. Someone told me recently that the bank's exchange rate is usually better than what Asos offers, and it turns out that it's true! I wish I knew sooner, but oh well, better late than never.

 *EDIT: I managed to get it in navy and black too! At around the same price. Yaaay.

17 March 2014

It's kinda embarassing, but..

From what I've seen, most women (yes, women, not girls) don't know how to buy a bra! Not only are they usually pricey, but you'll be wearing them almost 24/7 too. You may not notice it, but bras do make a difference in your appearance (so many things could go wrong). I worked at a lingerie store once, so here are some tips that I want to share:

1) Ask the lady for help.
There is no shame in asking! It's the lady's job after all, plus she is a lady, so what you have, she either probably has too, or sees it all the time. It is really important for her to measure you, because #1 different brands and even designs may fit you differently #2 our body changes without us knowing sometimes, so you may have gone up or down a size.

2) Try more than one size.
You may think it's silly but you'd be surprised how different one size up/down feels. It shouldn't be too tight or loose (obviously). If in doubt, ask the lady.

3) Put your top on after trying on the bra in a brightly-lit fitting room.
The clingier and lighter-colored the top is, the better. That way you can avoid buying a bra that makes you look like this.

4) Don't forget to check the back and sides.
You'd think that women remember to, but surprisingly, it happens more often than we'd like to admit. When I shopped for bras in the past, I just wanted to get it over with, which meant I didn't check my back. Needless to say, I regretted it.

You don't want fat squashing out; it's quite unsightly (no pictures!). A wider bra band tends to be comfier (esp. for women with heavy busts), but it's usually not necessary. Just get it in the right size (once again, it's so important to get measured!). In case you didn't know, (using 32A as an example), A is the cup size and 32 is the size of the band. So yes, you can get your cup size with a longer bra band. And if needed, you can easily get an extension.

5) Get at least one in your skin color.
Contrary to what most women think, white bras do show when you're wearing a white top. They also show in black tops (depending on the thickness of fabric), and they do a good job at that too. I used to avoid them like the plague when I was a teen; they look so old-fashioned, I know, but they can be worn with any colored top. Anyway, look, proof!

18 February 2014

At long last..

Esprit Ribbed Dress - SGD32.40 (originally USD59.50!)
I got a new dress! It feels like it's been awhile since I last shopped.. I haven't bought anything from Esprit for a long, long time; over the years their designs appealed less and less to me, but this dress has everything I've been looking for, so I got it! I hope the fabric isn't very thick, but even if it is, who am I to complain? I got it for SGD27.50, which is a lot less than I'm willing to spend on a dress (I just upped my dress budget to SGD50, seeing as how nice cotton things tend to be pricier than polyester ones); I was lucky enough to get it with a 15% off code, and even luckier to get it when it magically came back in stock!

I'm guessing someone must have decided not to get it after all, so hurray for me! I actually wanted to remove it from my Saved List since it was already OOS when I last checked, but I decided to just leave it there and watch it for the next few days. I'm glad I waited! Can't wait to get this dress. I'm just praying now it'll fit my hips.

*Update: Fabric's quite thick for SG weather, but the quality is really good. On me, it looks nothing like what it does on the model; much clingier and definitely more fitting, I could see my tummy bumping out. Luckily it's black, plus it's nothing a proper girdle can't fix.

22 January 2014

I may be a little weird..

Judging from the looks my friends gave me when I said I wanted to print shirts like the above and have us all wear them. I can't help how I feel. I would really like to have shirts like this. I know they will refuse to wear them simultaneously with me, but I still wanna try. Unfortunately it's too troublesome to get shirts printed and all so I'm not gonna bother.. for now.

18 January 2014

New year, new list!

I haven't had much time or cash to shop online.. But since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I've been looking to see if there's something within my budget worth buying. I haven't found anything in particular yet (my criteria to be met is pretty specific), but here are a couple of trends that have caught my attention:

1) Stained glass clothing

Isn't it pretty? I've yet to find stained glass clothing made in cotton though; this one's made of a fabric that may just work for me, but I'm not even going to consider getting it because of the price. It's a lovely piece though that is work-appropriate yet stands out.

2) Horse-related anything

Asos Limited Edition Horseshoe Ring (SGD19.27)
As you know this year's the Year of the Horse (my year!), and I've been looking at horse-related things more often than usual - think My Little Pony, vintage horse tees, saddle bags, etc. Certainly no ponyhair for me!

3) Smock dresses

Asos Camo Smock Dress (SGD26.50)

Some people may find them shapeless, but I like them that way! They're something I can picture myself in that looks and feels forgiving but aren't completely shapeless. If you think about it, the skirts are always slightly flared out from the waist-down so the dresses do have some sort of shape. Plus they're just so cute and a welcome break from skater skirts that cinch my waist; something I'd wear to a buffet and well, all the time! They're also relatively not as.. juvenile-looking as skater skirts, which are not as easy to pull off, especially when you're in your mid-20s and you see teenage girls everywhere in them.

4) Tartan/Plaid

Gap Plaid Flannel Shirtdress (SGD41.10)

I love grunge fashion; it's so comfy and casual, there's lots of dark earthy colors, tartan and denim, and the best part is that it feels kinda bad@ss but not overly (no spikes or full-black outfits). Tartan is one print that I feel comfiest in!

5) Shirt dresses

Bow-Neck Shirt Dress (USD118.00)
I like that they look office-appropriate but not overly formal; something that I can be comfortable wearing on weekends too!

6) Maxi everything

Uniqlo Melange Maxi Dress (SGD19.90)
I used to wear jeans all the time; years of hot weather has gotten to me though, so I've switched to wearing skirts and dresses. Maxi dresses and skirts are great for covering up my chunky legs and look flattering on almost anyone, so what's there not to like?