09 December 2013

Oh my goodness.

Credits to http://hawkswedishvallhund.blogspot.com

Every X'mas (well almost every day of my life actually) I fantasize about having a puppy, and look what I found: a picture of Swedish Vallhund puppies! Most commonly described as 'wolf corgis'.

I know they're not wardrobe-related (neither was my previous post) - shame on you if you wear real fur - but ahh, how could I resist not sharing this cuteness! Too much cuteness I say! Too much!

08 December 2013


I saw this book at Kinokuniya a few months back when Jem opened.. And oh gosh the pictures inside! If I'm not wrong it's priced at $25, and I'm tempted to get it, but I know that well, I will probably read it a few times and just leave it on the shelf. Besides, I can google pictures of newborn puppies anytime I want.. right?

Nonetheless, if anyone's looking for a X'mas gift for a dog-lover, you should probably consider getting this. Unless they love dogs but can't own one, then that'd just be like.. a fart in the face or something.