14 July 2013


Wow. I can hardly believe that a couple of months have gone by without me buying anything! Fortunately I got a raise, so I allowed myself to get something I've been eyeing almost half a year ago.. Teva Tirra sandals! And not just one pair, but two! One in a nice dark teal, and the other in a dark maroon. I had actually wanted to get a bright red one too but they only had small sizes left..

As usual I've God (or Jesus or whoever's watching out for me, thank you!!) to thank; two evenings ago I checked if World of Sports was having any ongoing promos since I'll be out meeting the parents for lunch.. They have like 20% off every few months or so I think? And since both my slippers are badly rubbed out and I don't have a proper pair of sandals, I figured I should get one soon before I fly across the bus and knock someone out. Traction is the next thing I look out for after comfort, so Teva was the perfect choice.

Anyway, it just so happened that they've been having 50% off since 12 July, & yesterday (14 July) was the last day of this awesome, awesome sale! I seriously couldn't believe my luck. I've missed out on a lot of supposedly-awesome sales like the Club 21 bazaars and The Front Row & Rockstar by Soon Lee clearance sales, so this was a lucky break for me. I mean really, 50% off for something I actually need?! It's such a relief, especially since I had to splurge a little on a special someone's birthday..

And as a bonus, I got a pretty, white cover-up with turquoise embroidery by O'neill too! It used to be $99-something but I only got it at $29! Although it wasn't something I could foresee myself wearing anytime soon, I just had to get it because I know, despite how unlikely it seems at the moment, I will be going on a cruise trip, or even better, a trip to Phuket! Or at least a swim at my friend's club..

Seriously though, my day couldn't have been any better. I am still in need of cotton, office-appropriate clothes, but thankfully my clothes aren't worn out! Oh happiness.

There will be pictures.. when I finally get to wear the kaftan. But this will do for now.

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