30 April 2013

Long overdue!

In the past one and a half months (has it been so long?!) I've had more than one chance to pop into Uniqlo to see their new arrivals in person & I love what they've come up with! Some of the things that caught my eye were the Snoopy short-sleeved maxi dresses (so many colors & designs, which should I get?!), denim maxi skirts, and mandarin-collared shirts (pictured above with aforementioned denim skirt)! I love the casual, easy boho feel they have, and I don't think I've ever tried that style before!

I'm also particularly excited about the floral prints the Green Gate and Celia Birtwell collabs have; I haven't browsed them in person yet though, so we'll see. The Suzy's Zoo stuff are really cute too (sidenote: I bought a pack of milk candy with Suzy's Zoo packaging from one of those Japanese snack stores, it was too adorable for words!), but I'm getting too old for cartoon t-shirts, so I'm going to give it a pass.. Unless they're slashed to ridiculously low prices, because really how can I say no?!

I'm also eyeing this dress from H&M; I'm getting confirmed next month (it's a Catholic thing), and I need a white dress. This one's made of cotton, plus it's priced reasonably at SGD39.90. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to try it on!

I'm gonna go do other Internet stuff and relax while I can before my bedtime, so I'm just gonna finish my post here. Happy Labor Day y'all!