05 March 2013

Tired, not weary.

I recently got a full-time job and the switch has been quite taxing on me as I currently have to juggle two half-shifts at both companies in a day, and will only be adopting full-shifts at my new workplace in less than two weeks time. Until then, I won't be blogging as much as I did, how ever little as it was.

CNY also took a toll on me; I can't explain why but I've been inexplicably busy post-CNY. I know it was quite awhile ago, I'm still not too sure what happened, but I'm confident it has something to do with February only lasting 28 days, which gave me in total.. two weekends, to rest on! Suddenly everything makes more sense.. Anyway, enough excuses, today's post will be (predictably) back-dated.

Sadly, alike my previous posts, it also will be about missed opportunities.. Or, from a more positive viewpoint, unspent money. Kinda. I also won't have to squeeze more clothes further into my large suitcase (presently my only storage option for my um, spare clothes) which I am very sure is on the brink of exploding. It's mostly polyester and other non-cotton pieces of clothing which I can't bear to let go because #1 they are barely worn #2 who else will wear them?! Maybe someday when I've time I'll put them all up on eBay, & hope that some sentimental soul out there will give them a good home and pass them on to her daughter/s & so on.. Oh wishful thinking.

Crochet Midi Skirt by Asos (Sizes XS - M) - SGD96.53 23.60

FYI, the pretty skirt above is made of 100% cotton. Realistically however, I would never buy it because #1 it's white, and us girls know how finicky it is to wear white bottoms, especially during our "monthlies" #2 it's by Asos. I bought a white skirt from Asos last year, it was the first piece I ever bought from them; after receiving it I wasn't very fond of the color because it has a pink lining inside which shows through the white overlay, looking quite different from what I saw on my screen, and also because it feels a bit like I'm wearing a tablecloth. It is made by Asos, plus I got it pretty cheap, so I really shouldn't complain.. I've decided however to never get anything made from Asos again.

If I could be bothered to dye the above skirt black though, like how I want to with the white skirt I currently own, and if it came in my size, I might have taken a chance with it. But no, the only reason why I'm blogging about it is so I can use this as a future reference, something to look out for in a different color in a similar design when I'm window-shopping. I've always thought wearing something crocheted would be lovely; something unique for a change.

There are a whole lot of other things I'd like to blog about like socks (holes have sprouted in at least half my socks, and I want something trimmed with a little lace or frills to wear with my clogs) and footwear (I'm thinking of getting a pair of Dr. Martens shoes & Teva sandals), but it's half an hour to my bedtime so I really should stop here.

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