28 March 2013

Part Two!

Here I am, blogging about my allergies and what skincare products I use, just like I promised.. Believe or not I actually blogged 75% of this post last weekend but gave up in the end cuz I was just too tired. I'm a little tired from all the physical work I've been doing (long story), plus I recently started full-time, and hungry too since all I've had today was three plain pratas, so I'm going to make this quick & snappy (or so I thought).

Allergies: I can't binge on seafood like salmon, oysters, squid & prawns. I also can't wear anything but cotton; anything below 95% cotton will give my skin an unpleasant prickly sensation. I'm also more susceptible to scratching when I sweat, and I sweat easily, so being under the sun for prolonged periods is also a no-no.

Now on to skincare! I use:

1) For itches - Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment
I rinse the itchy area with cold water, then smack on a thin layer of the ointment. If the itch still persists after a few minutes, I lather on a bit more. By then it usually works. If it doesn't I'm ashamed to say I either resort to hot water or scratching. ]:

2) For moisturizing - RoC's Extra-Emollient Cream
I went to Guardian at Centrepoint almost two years ago, and a nice lady who worked there saw my cracked, reddened skin and recommended that I try the Extra-Emollient Cream; said it worked for someone she knew. She was nice enough to tell me I should get it from Robinsons instead since they were having 20% off; I don't know why I listened, but I guess I was desperate so I went and got it straight away. I'm glad to say it works better than QV & Aquarea for me, and although I'm still on a lookout for other moisturizers, I'm pretty satisfied with what I have right now. What I really like about it is that it doesn't give my skin a burning sensation, unlike some of the therapeutic body lotions I've tried, plus it does its job. If I had a chance though, I would like to try brands like Physiogel, but it's a little pricey so I don't feel confident enough to buy it without trying a sample first.

3) For weeping raw skin - Sudocrem
When I go into a scratching frenzy, I end up ripping off the top layer of my skin and making it weep (most eczema-sufferers should be familiar with this!). ]:
I was at Mustafa Centre a few weeks ago when I came across Sudocrem; I can't quite remember where I've seen the name, but it piqued my interested when I saw it was an antiseptic healing cream recommended for eczema (according to them it works for bedsores & diaper rashes too). I figured it might help with my wounds. What I didn't expect was that it'd stop the weeping, which in all my years I have never found a way to stop before (side note: fresh aloe vera helps speed up the healing process)! So yup I'm really happy I found this cream. Plus it's super affordable at $4.50 per tub; it may be small, but despite using it almost everyday, I still have a lot more left, perhaps enough to last me til August!

I really hope one of these products for you guys out there, whoever's reading this! Just keep an open-mind and be sure to try everything at least once! If it doesn't work, don't give up hope, there's bound to be something out there that works for you!

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