24 February 2013

Thanks again, Facebook!

Grid Print Flippy Dress - SGD59 SGD29

Oh Internet, what would I do without you. If I hadn't followed F3 Singapore on Facebook, I wouldn't have known that this dress was available at their physical Topshop outlets. I was browsing through Topshop's online store a week ago and found this dress, but decided not to get it cuz the shipping's a whopping SGD20. I'll admit I'm not crazy about the print but at least it stands out without being too glaring or wacky. Best part is, it's 100% cotton, and I've never bought anything from Topshop because I could never find anything100% cotton (apart from their tees, however I much prefer Zara's organic range)!

*Update: Sadly they've run out of the dress in their normal size at their Ion outlet (I had a friend check for me), and their Petites are going for SGD49, which is way too out of my budget. I was sorely tempted to, but in the end I decided to let it go.. I honestly would love to have a dress in this cutting, instead of having to always pair a tee with my skirts. I know it allows more versatility, but really it's getting kinda old for me, especially since most of my tops are graphic tees/plain tops, plus I'm running out of combos, and I really just want to throw a dress on some days when I wake up late and be done with it.

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