12 February 2013

Something new!

And pretty that I can't afford, even after the price was slashed down from SGD127 to SGD77.. I'm still glad however, that I found this brand while browsing on Polyvore for cotton dresses. I used to hate Polyvore because I found it disorganized, but thanks to them I found out about Emily and Fin, which you can easily get on Asos (if you've got the extra cash). This dress (pictured below) is made of 100% pure cotton, so you can imagine how much it tugged at my heart strings, not to mention its lovely red fabric and cute 50s cutting (sort of skater-style, which I very much approve of).. It even has pockets! Luckily (*sniff*) they already ran out of my size, otherwise I might've splurged a fraction of my angbao money on it.

But it's okay, cuz I found something else within my price range (once again, thanks Polyvore)! It isn't as pretty as the E&F dress above, but it's super affordable (SGD22 incl. shipping), made of cotton, and has something that is lacking in my wardrobe (prints!). The color palette is vivid and colorful too, but not so much that it hurts the eyes.. My only gripe is that I wish it had sleeves.. I also have to admit it looks a little "blogshop-y". I'm still not quite convinced that it's the prettiest dress out there, so I'm still searching just to make sure I don't miss out on anything.

Zig Zag Tie-Back Dress by Influence

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