18 February 2013

So like everyone else..

I assume, I have already spent a hefty fraction of my angbao money on two new purchases from Asos. Unlike all of the websites I know of that offer free international shipping, Asos is the only one that sells items I can afford. Not that I'm complaining, especially since they've such a large variety of brands that are not available locally.

Anyway, my main focus when it comes to looking for new clothes (which I do at least weekly) are skirts and dresses. I have amassed a large collection of tops over the years, so I try my best not to add any new tops, unless it's an organic cotton on sale at Zara. Or in the case of this weekend, a tee with something I'm really fond of (I will elaborate more in my next post).. Then I just can't help myself.

I hardly ever buy hair accessories as well, except for basic rubber hair-ties, but those don't really count, do they? This time I made an exception because I saw something that I liked, and that I can actually picture myself using. I've made the mistake of buying a really fancy, beaded barrette with at least four different shades of blue beads in it about five or six years ago in Sydney? And I still have yet to wear it. It's kinda difficult accessorizing when I already have the most noticeable accessory of all: spectacles. Add anything else onto my head and I feel like it's getting a little cluttered.

So I got this pyramid stud hair clip from River Island (pictured below) for SGD5.50? It's a little pricey for me, seeing as how it's just an accessory, but I like that it's 50% off (rrp SGD11), plus it's a little different but doesn't stand out too much. I used to wear those Hot Topic-y studded belts as a teen, and I haven't really had a chance to wear anything else with studs w/o looking like some emo-wannabe kid ever since, so I'm pretty happy I found this.

I got this in gold, but for some reason the only photos they have are of it in silver.

I also got this skirt from French Connection (pictured below); I've always wanted to get something from them, but their prices are usually a little too high for me.. Silly teenage me had a list of fave brands that I wanted to "collect from" back then, and French Connection was on that list. Anyway I got this skirt for SGD34; it's a little more than I usually spend on bottoms, and even though personally I'm not a fan of pink, I think it'll go well with a lot of the tops I own.

I know it doesn't look like much, but it's #1 flared #2 made of 100% cotton, so I'm happy with it.

I'm actually in desperate need of more skirts since most of the dresses I have at the moment are sleeveless, and I don't find that very work-appropriate so I've to throw a cardigan on.. As a matter of fact, I've been wearing my M&S skirts that I got last month almost non-stop, if not my American Apparel ones, which is in total.. four. Yup.

Pre-CNY Reunion Lunch Outfit

What I wore to work last Friday.. Excuse the crumpled-ness.

I'm sure it's noticeable that I'm also using the same belt and same bag. I may need to work on those too.

*Update: I received my purchases from Asos last week and I'm pleased to announce, the skirt fits me perfectly! This time it really is 100% cotton too, just like they said. The hair clip is exactly what I wanted too; so happy! I now have this urge to shop for more.. it never ends! :x

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