19 February 2013

Pirate Crew's Pet Tanuki Lol

Tony Tony Chopper Baseball Tee by Uniqlo
$24.90 $19.90

Isn't he cute? If you watch the anime One Piece you'd probably get this post's title. Otherwise nvm. :x

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm getting this top this weekend because #1 I like Chopper too much to not buy a shirt with him on it #2 ever since I couldn't get the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu x Galaxxxy Dino Tee (pictured below) in my size, I've been wanting a baseball tee just because it's better than nothing and will soothe the aching dent in my heart. -_-

FYI you can get it here for SGD20. It's not authentic though, I've to warn you.
Lately I've been influenced by the sportswear trend, thus the baseball tee pictured above, and the sudden fascination with Nike high-tops.. Which is kinda ironic, seeing how I never exercise. Sidenote: I've decided to donate my Vans ones to Salvation Army as they're too uncomfortable for someone with flat feet. ):

I also realized, ever since I turned 21,  I've become inclined towards dressing like I'm 16. Kinda weird since I'm already in my early twenties, so why don't I want to dress like I am! Must be some early on-set midlife crisis.. which would be great if it means that I won't experience on in my thirties. Anyway back to the topic. Unfortunately back when I was 16, I was in tees and jeans all the time; the most adventurous tops I wore were low-cut. Kinda sad but we all made mistakes when we were young, some more than others.

*Update:  In the end, due to the lack of time (did you know February only had 28 days! That's the shortest month out of all twelve months!), I didn't manage to get my Chopper shirt, which sucks because I had already forgo-ed the checkered dress I wanted to get from Topshop. ):

Oh well. When I do have the time I will pop by Uniqlo just to see if it's still in stock.. Who knows. Boy, am I looking forward to the opening of jem! It's only a mere 10-minute-trip away from my place! Can you imagine?! Hah.

 *Further Update:  So I went to Bugis+ and guess what, they ran out of the shirt in the color I wanted (they were left with the plain gray one). They had the nice Crimin one (I actually prefer the red sleeves over blue sleeves), so I tried it on in size M, which fit perfectly. The downside was, it's made of super thick fabric, so I didn't get it in the end because my new workplace is barely cold enough for me.. Oh well, tough luck. I did however see a lot of newly arrived stuff which I love, all of which were 100% cotton! This is getting a little longer than I expected, so I'm just going to blog about them sometime this week..

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