24 February 2013

Thanks again, Facebook!

Grid Print Flippy Dress - SGD59 SGD29

Oh Internet, what would I do without you. If I hadn't followed F3 Singapore on Facebook, I wouldn't have known that this dress was available at their physical Topshop outlets. I was browsing through Topshop's online store a week ago and found this dress, but decided not to get it cuz the shipping's a whopping SGD20. I'll admit I'm not crazy about the print but at least it stands out without being too glaring or wacky. Best part is, it's 100% cotton, and I've never bought anything from Topshop because I could never find anything100% cotton (apart from their tees, however I much prefer Zara's organic range)!

*Update: Sadly they've run out of the dress in their normal size at their Ion outlet (I had a friend check for me), and their Petites are going for SGD49, which is way too out of my budget. I was sorely tempted to, but in the end I decided to let it go.. I honestly would love to have a dress in this cutting, instead of having to always pair a tee with my skirts. I know it allows more versatility, but really it's getting kinda old for me, especially since most of my tops are graphic tees/plain tops, plus I'm running out of combos, and I really just want to throw a dress on some days when I wake up late and be done with it.

19 February 2013

Pirate Crew's Pet Tanuki Lol

Tony Tony Chopper Baseball Tee by Uniqlo
$24.90 $19.90

Isn't he cute? If you watch the anime One Piece you'd probably get this post's title. Otherwise nvm. :x

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm getting this top this weekend because #1 I like Chopper too much to not buy a shirt with him on it #2 ever since I couldn't get the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu x Galaxxxy Dino Tee (pictured below) in my size, I've been wanting a baseball tee just because it's better than nothing and will soothe the aching dent in my heart. -_-

FYI you can get it here for SGD20. It's not authentic though, I've to warn you.
Lately I've been influenced by the sportswear trend, thus the baseball tee pictured above, and the sudden fascination with Nike high-tops.. Which is kinda ironic, seeing how I never exercise. Sidenote: I've decided to donate my Vans ones to Salvation Army as they're too uncomfortable for someone with flat feet. ):

I also realized, ever since I turned 21,  I've become inclined towards dressing like I'm 16. Kinda weird since I'm already in my early twenties, so why don't I want to dress like I am! Must be some early on-set midlife crisis.. which would be great if it means that I won't experience on in my thirties. Anyway back to the topic. Unfortunately back when I was 16, I was in tees and jeans all the time; the most adventurous tops I wore were low-cut. Kinda sad but we all made mistakes when we were young, some more than others.

*Update:  In the end, due to the lack of time (did you know February only had 28 days! That's the shortest month out of all twelve months!), I didn't manage to get my Chopper shirt, which sucks because I had already forgo-ed the checkered dress I wanted to get from Topshop. ):

Oh well. When I do have the time I will pop by Uniqlo just to see if it's still in stock.. Who knows. Boy, am I looking forward to the opening of jem! It's only a mere 10-minute-trip away from my place! Can you imagine?! Hah.

 *Further Update:  So I went to Bugis+ and guess what, they ran out of the shirt in the color I wanted (they were left with the plain gray one). They had the nice Crimin one (I actually prefer the red sleeves over blue sleeves), so I tried it on in size M, which fit perfectly. The downside was, it's made of super thick fabric, so I didn't get it in the end because my new workplace is barely cold enough for me.. Oh well, tough luck. I did however see a lot of newly arrived stuff which I love, all of which were 100% cotton! This is getting a little longer than I expected, so I'm just going to blog about them sometime this week..

18 February 2013

So like everyone else..

I assume, I have already spent a hefty fraction of my angbao money on two new purchases from Asos. Unlike all of the websites I know of that offer free international shipping, Asos is the only one that sells items I can afford. Not that I'm complaining, especially since they've such a large variety of brands that are not available locally.

Anyway, my main focus when it comes to looking for new clothes (which I do at least weekly) are skirts and dresses. I have amassed a large collection of tops over the years, so I try my best not to add any new tops, unless it's an organic cotton on sale at Zara. Or in the case of this weekend, a tee with something I'm really fond of (I will elaborate more in my next post).. Then I just can't help myself.

I hardly ever buy hair accessories as well, except for basic rubber hair-ties, but those don't really count, do they? This time I made an exception because I saw something that I liked, and that I can actually picture myself using. I've made the mistake of buying a really fancy, beaded barrette with at least four different shades of blue beads in it about five or six years ago in Sydney? And I still have yet to wear it. It's kinda difficult accessorizing when I already have the most noticeable accessory of all: spectacles. Add anything else onto my head and I feel like it's getting a little cluttered.

So I got this pyramid stud hair clip from River Island (pictured below) for SGD5.50? It's a little pricey for me, seeing as how it's just an accessory, but I like that it's 50% off (rrp SGD11), plus it's a little different but doesn't stand out too much. I used to wear those Hot Topic-y studded belts as a teen, and I haven't really had a chance to wear anything else with studs w/o looking like some emo-wannabe kid ever since, so I'm pretty happy I found this.

I got this in gold, but for some reason the only photos they have are of it in silver.

I also got this skirt from French Connection (pictured below); I've always wanted to get something from them, but their prices are usually a little too high for me.. Silly teenage me had a list of fave brands that I wanted to "collect from" back then, and French Connection was on that list. Anyway I got this skirt for SGD34; it's a little more than I usually spend on bottoms, and even though personally I'm not a fan of pink, I think it'll go well with a lot of the tops I own.

I know it doesn't look like much, but it's #1 flared #2 made of 100% cotton, so I'm happy with it.

I'm actually in desperate need of more skirts since most of the dresses I have at the moment are sleeveless, and I don't find that very work-appropriate so I've to throw a cardigan on.. As a matter of fact, I've been wearing my M&S skirts that I got last month almost non-stop, if not my American Apparel ones, which is in total.. four. Yup.

Pre-CNY Reunion Lunch Outfit

What I wore to work last Friday.. Excuse the crumpled-ness.

I'm sure it's noticeable that I'm also using the same belt and same bag. I may need to work on those too.

*Update: I received my purchases from Asos last week and I'm pleased to announce, the skirt fits me perfectly! This time it really is 100% cotton too, just like they said. The hair clip is exactly what I wanted too; so happy! I now have this urge to shop for more.. it never ends! :x

12 February 2013

Something new!

And pretty that I can't afford, even after the price was slashed down from SGD127 to SGD77.. I'm still glad however, that I found this brand while browsing on Polyvore for cotton dresses. I used to hate Polyvore because I found it disorganized, but thanks to them I found out about Emily and Fin, which you can easily get on Asos (if you've got the extra cash). This dress (pictured below) is made of 100% pure cotton, so you can imagine how much it tugged at my heart strings, not to mention its lovely red fabric and cute 50s cutting (sort of skater-style, which I very much approve of).. It even has pockets! Luckily (*sniff*) they already ran out of my size, otherwise I might've splurged a fraction of my angbao money on it.

But it's okay, cuz I found something else within my price range (once again, thanks Polyvore)! It isn't as pretty as the E&F dress above, but it's super affordable (SGD22 incl. shipping), made of cotton, and has something that is lacking in my wardrobe (prints!). The color palette is vivid and colorful too, but not so much that it hurts the eyes.. My only gripe is that I wish it had sleeves.. I also have to admit it looks a little "blogshop-y". I'm still not quite convinced that it's the prettiest dress out there, so I'm still searching just to make sure I don't miss out on anything.

Zig Zag Tie-Back Dress by Influence