07 January 2013

Recent online buys.

Although I was overseas (literally ha ha) last month, I managed to get two dresses from Blood is the New Black at 75% off, thanks to a friend of mine. They arrived earlier than I expected; my expectations were pretty low though since I ordered them the week before X'mas.. I'm rather thankful they didn't get lost. So far I haven't had the misfortune, thank God.

I'm also super thankful that I got them in L without having a size chart to refer to; they fit pretty well! The only downside to all of this was that, due to my sheer excitement and over-eagerness, I completely forgot to check the back of the Dolly Fringe dress (pictured above).. You can imagine the surprise my friend & I had when we saw the dress. Guess I'll just have to wear a cardigan over it, or maybe, a bandeau or something (I highly doubt I'll be bothered to do so). Otherwise overall the fit's just nice.

On the other hand, the Crawford Boxy dress (pictured above) turned out a lot more purple than it looked on my screen! Flash can be a little tricky sometimes.. I don't really mind though, since I don't have a lot of purple pieces at the moment. It also has sleeves that are a little long, plus the dress is a little oversized. Nothing a belt can't fix though, besides I could always just roll up the sleeves or have them altered. Material-wise the cotton fabric is a little thicker than I would like, but oh well, after having shopped for a few American brands (eg. American Apparel, etc.), I've come to expect this, and I don't think it'll bother me much since I plan to wear it at work (hurray for freezing air-con temperatures).

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