06 January 2013

More wrist candy~

Recently I was at Orchard Cineleisure with a friend, so we dropped by rockstar by soon lee to see what they had (they always have nice stuff!), and we saw those nautical anchor bracelets by Kiel James Patrick that all those little hipsters out there have been donning on their wrists.. I've to admit, I was tempted to get one, but I didn't see any in a color that I liked (probably already snatched off the shelves), so when I went home that night, I browsed through their website and found this.

Green was my favorite color when I was a kid, then it became purple when I was a teen, and now, it's one of my fave colors, yet strangely I don't have much of it in my wardrobe.. well, not anymore, since about five years ago? Right now I'm trying to concentrate on blue, since I've already been through a green, gray and a short-lived red phase..

I wouldn't mind getting more green pieces though, and this would be great start, if not for the fact that #1 it costs USD38 excl. shipping (it's only twisted nautical cord and what, a brass? charm) #2 I'm too lazy to get up early enough to accessorize or even put time aside before I go to bed to plan what outfit I should wear tomorrow. That kinda thing usually works well as a resolution, except.. I don't do resolutions because #1 I don't care if it's a new year or not, I don't see why because it's a new year, I've to use it as a gauge as to judge how well (or badly) I did in the past year, life just goes on and I do the best I can #2 so what, I don't think it's realistic to set myself goals I'm not gonna accomplish, especially when I've other bigger and more important things to worry about, other things that actually require a lot more effort and well, deserve that effort.

Anyway, before I get too personal and rant-y (ie. off-topic), here's a more feminine and sort-of-sophisticated alternative I found on etsy, for just USD20.90 (incl. shipping).

I wonder, which one would Singaporeans prefer? I've to admit, the KJL one looks more.. well-made, but I don't think I've reached a point in my life where I would splurge on something as small as that, especially since I'd hardly wear it.

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