19 January 2013

Have you been to IMM or M&S lately?

Sometimes I get tempted to delete my Facebook account because I hardly ever use it for what it was intended for (updates, photos, "social networking", blah blah blah), but I keep coming back when I get bored to play a little SimCity Social, and you know, kaypoh around. The best part about Facebook though, is constantly being updated on all your fave brands and stores, all through a single platform. Thanks to Facebook, I found out that Marks & Spencer is having a sale! And look what caught my eye.

See the blue linen skirt circled in red on the left of the red shoes? It's from their Indigo Collection, and I bought it in two colors (stone & navy) two days ago at the M&S Paragon outlet for a total of SGD40. I am still feeling rather chuffed at getting them at such a steal, especially since I really needed more skirts to wear to the office as I hardly wear pants or jeans nowadays. As an effort in putting up more um.. personal posts, I will be posting photo/s of the me wearing the skirt sometime this week, maybe even later. I'm bad at making promises.

Now that Chinese New Year is just right around the corner (three weeks away!) and everyone's buying their new clothes, with such good bargains as these, M&S would be a good place to start looking. If you see something on their Facebook page that you'd like to head down to buy (browse through their Timeline photos to see their sales ads), remember to drop them a message first to check if the outlet you're planning to visit has the item in stock, otherwise you might be disappointed.

Also, I am quite surprised that I've yet to blog more about factory outlets and the like, despite that this blog is supposedly more focused on things I want but can't have, so I have added a new tag (new tag for the new year, hah!): outlet shopping. May there be more outlet shopping and buys for me (and you, whoever's reading) this year!

And seeing as how I've finished school and have nothing urgent on hand to do right now, I shall blog partially about the afternoon I spent at IMM (gasp! I'm actually blogging about something that happened just today) browsing the FJB Outlet. The brands I noticed they had were Guess watches & jewelry, Banana Republic, and of course, Gap. There was quite a number of fall/winter coats for those planning to go somewhere cold soon, plus the usual mix of dresses, tops, and bottoms. FYI they cater to both genders. Overall there was something for everyone, all clothing, just nothing for your feet and head.

I found a floral denim skirt from Gap that I quite liked, but at the price of SGD45 (after 50% discount), I told myself it wasn't worth it, forced myself to put it back and walked away.. I'm still thinking about it, but I've to be realistic and disciplined; I've already crossed my clothes budget, plus I already have a dress for CNY, so sadly, I must. say. no. The green tee if I'm not wrong, is SGD15 after 50% off? Quite a bargain; all the Gap pieces are going for 50% off, with the Banana Republic ones at 60% off, if I'm not wrong.

If you live in the west or you're planning to head there, and you have yet to buy your CNY clothes, I strongly suggest you drop by IMM for at least an hour, they seem to be marketing themselves now as an outlet shopping mall, with Timberland, Crocs and Bata outlets for shoes, Goldlion, Esprit, and FJB for clothes, and even New Balance, RSH and Nike for sportswear, there's really nothing you can't get at good bargain prices. Oh and obviously, this isn't an ad, I'm just really happy that I live in the west now. Can't wait for Billabong and Saccoor Brothers to open their outlets here! Looks like I won't have to go to Anchorpoint Mall ever again. And oh did I mention, they've a Coach outlet?

Please ignore the white splotches on my tee; they're actually dirt marks on the mirror.
Didn't notice them until I uploaded this pic /smacks forehead

I Googled for the skirt above because my phone camera wasn't good enough to capture the pretty floral print close-up, and this is what I found. Strange that the cutting seems a lot more flared on the model above than it did on me. Must be my big hips lol.

Guys' shirts from Gap - majority are priced at SGD40 after 50% off!
Tried the dark red one; it was so comfy, but the fit was a little too large for me cuz (obviously) I'm a girl..

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