11 January 2013

I just can't help it.

I've developed a weakness for gold in the recent years - there's just something about it that makes me happy looking at it, even happier when I get to fiddle with it. Which is pretty much why I got suckered into getting my first dress watch last month. And why I'm looking for other bits and pieces to stack on to my watch. I could come up with a few other excuses, or I could just admit I run out of things to surf online quite often, especially since blog-reading has become sort of a chore.. It's amazing how at least half of the ones on my list update almost every single day, it begins to get so tiring trying to keep up with every single outfit they post (blame my slight OCD).

Anyway, after blogging about Carrie K's Fiji Water Leather Bracelet, I was reminded of another notable local jeweler, By Invite Only, and how I missed their booth at the Public Garden late last year (I think it was sometime in August?). Being the bored person with a laptop and internet at my dispense, I browsed through their Nature//Nurture series and found a pretty bead bracelet, something which I've been eyeing, preferably in jade. I'm no expert in jades though, so I've been rather reluctant to buy a few nice pieces I saw on etsy.com, since I feel I'm very liable to get cheated.

This one is perfect, although my budget for this month and probably the next will be quite tight, seeing as how #1 I have debts to pay #2 I'm still on the hunt for a full-time job. I just hope it won't run out by the time I finally have the spare cash to buy this.

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