26 January 2013


FYI this is the most decent photo I could find - I got it off their Facebook page, not their website

That's "too cute" in Mandarin. I'm not sure how you'd say it in Cantonese since well, I don't speak Cantonese neither am I of Cantonese descent (or at least not that I'm aware of). Anyway, that's the first thing that popped in my head when I saw the above Chow Chow Bag by a not-so-widely-known HK brand, Mousse, last Friday night at Takashimaya. For those who are wondering, there's a little display area with all these cute bags on level 3, near the cashier that is the nearest to the entrance opposite Kinokuniya in the ladies' section. Good luck finding it.

I'd get it if not for the hefty price tag (which was at least SGD100) and the sad fact that I need to grow up and wear more mature clothes befitting of my age! Already I'm starting to wear my Carebear and Nightmare Before X'mas rings less and less, in fact, I'm starting to fear that I may have to retire them.. Even on a weekend they look a little ridiculous with what I wear nowadays, except maybe if I wear a top and a skater skirt.. But even then, they're starting to stick out a lot (to me), perhaps a little too much for my liking. Guess I don't feel so much like a kid at heart anymore. I still refuse to give up my skater skirts though, despite how teenage-y they look, and I probably won't until I have kids myself.. or find something comfier.

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