25 January 2013

100% cotton, you say?

It's spring/summer now, so Uniqlo has released quite a few staples for this season in lighter (ie. more spring-y) colors. In the case of the UV Cut Cardigan, they are now available in lovely colors like a light sky-blue, pastel yellow, mint green, lavender and more! Thankfully for me, they've darker colors too like the usual black, purple and navy (the latter two are pictured above).. I do wish they had others like a nice burgundy or dark truffle brown, but I guess that's more "fall season" than spring.. Anyway, I'm glad they come in both v-neck and round-neck; personally I prefer the v-neck.

If you work in an air-conditioned office like me, and have eczema or a skin allergy to "unnatural" fibres rubbing against your skin, especially in this hot and humid weather, you'd be pleased to know that this series is now (according to them) made in 100% COTTON! Previously when I looked at their older UV cut cardigans, I was disappointed to find that they were made with synthetic material, and ever since, I've not bothered checking out the UV Cut range since I assumed there's no way they can make clothing with UV protection without using synthetic materials.. and yet somehow, this time, they magically did! The amazing-ness of Japanese technology and it all.

As sad as this may sound, I think it's pretty evident that I'm actually pretty hyped up about this. It hasn't been easy finding cardigans made purely out of cotton locally (especially within my budget), and the only one I've managed to get my hands on is a gray cardigan by local menswear brand Coupé-cousu, so yes, I can't wait to head down to Uniqlo as soon as I can, and try one of these babies on! And then I can decide which color I'll bring home (maybe both, who knows!).

P/S: You may have noticed that this post has been tagged eczema-friendly, this means that it's about clothing (ie. 100% cotton, or if I'm lucky, tencel) suitable for people with eczema.. so, from now onwards, all posts about clothing made of 100% clothing will now be tagged with this tag, and hopefully, it will be of use to a fellow eczema-sufferer out there.

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