09 December 2013

Oh my goodness.

Credits to http://hawkswedishvallhund.blogspot.com

Every X'mas (well almost every day of my life actually) I fantasize about having a puppy, and look what I found: a picture of Swedish Vallhund puppies! Most commonly described as 'wolf corgis'.

I know they're not wardrobe-related (neither was my previous post) - shame on you if you wear real fur - but ahh, how could I resist not sharing this cuteness! Too much cuteness I say! Too much!

08 December 2013


I saw this book at Kinokuniya a few months back when Jem opened.. And oh gosh the pictures inside! If I'm not wrong it's priced at $25, and I'm tempted to get it, but I know that well, I will probably read it a few times and just leave it on the shelf. Besides, I can google pictures of newborn puppies anytime I want.. right?

Nonetheless, if anyone's looking for a X'mas gift for a dog-lover, you should probably consider getting this. Unless they love dogs but can't own one, then that'd just be like.. a fart in the face or something.

22 September 2013


I'm a little sore over missing BITNB's flash 75% sale.. I only had a budget of SGD50 this month for clothes though, since I've a a close friend's birthday coming up. Besides I know they're probably gonna have 75% off again in December like they do every year. I just hope they'll still have the pieces I want (pictured above).. all for the lovely total price of USD56.50.

I could talk a little more about each piece but I'll save that for December when I actually get them..

08 August 2013

Forever a dreamer.

Since it's a public holiday today and I've a whole four days off straight, I've decided to do a quick little post. Actually I don't know if this counts, I'm basically just dumping photos of three bags from two of my favorite brands that I happened to see while browsing online. I've no idea what the brown satchel from Prada is called, but as you all know, the bottom blue and bronze one are the Givenchy Antigonas. The blue is just gorgeous; it doesn't stand out as much as the electric blue one I posted here, but the subtle metal details really help it stand out from the rest. The gunmetal one's gorgeous too, but if I were to pick between the two, I'd probably go for the blue one cuz the gunmetal is a little more shiny than I'm used to.

06 August 2013


I love this skirt; it's got everything I'm looking for: it's made of cotton, it's a pencil skirt, it's within my budget (just a mere SGD29.00!) and it's got the wicked prisoner-stripes-thing going on. I've been dying to find something like this; my wardrobe lacks in prints, and I feel like I need some basic yet not-boring like this skirt for work.

The shitty thing is, I'll never know what this skirt looks like on me.. because my ass is too fat to fit into it. The largest size they have it in now is UK12. Oh well. I sure hope I can find something similar in the future, although something tells me I can just forget it.

21 July 2013


I got this cute River Island skirt just yesterday from Asos for just SGD16.00 (I used a 10% code for a little extra discount)! It's not fully cotton, but with this kind of print, I'm willing to take my chances with 3% elastane and hope that 97% cotton will suffice.

I'm so glad that although River Island has pulled out of Singapore, I'll still be able to buy their stuff thanks to Asos. Hurray for online shopping!

*Update:The fabric's comfy and stretchy, I've only worn it twice though because it's.. well.. too short for me. Thinking of selling it off, but I love the print too much to let it go..

14 July 2013


Wow. I can hardly believe that a couple of months have gone by without me buying anything! Fortunately I got a raise, so I allowed myself to get something I've been eyeing almost half a year ago.. Teva Tirra sandals! And not just one pair, but two! One in a nice dark teal, and the other in a dark maroon. I had actually wanted to get a bright red one too but they only had small sizes left..

As usual I've God (or Jesus or whoever's watching out for me, thank you!!) to thank; two evenings ago I checked if World of Sports was having any ongoing promos since I'll be out meeting the parents for lunch.. They have like 20% off every few months or so I think? And since both my slippers are badly rubbed out and I don't have a proper pair of sandals, I figured I should get one soon before I fly across the bus and knock someone out. Traction is the next thing I look out for after comfort, so Teva was the perfect choice.

Anyway, it just so happened that they've been having 50% off since 12 July, & yesterday (14 July) was the last day of this awesome, awesome sale! I seriously couldn't believe my luck. I've missed out on a lot of supposedly-awesome sales like the Club 21 bazaars and The Front Row & Rockstar by Soon Lee clearance sales, so this was a lucky break for me. I mean really, 50% off for something I actually need?! It's such a relief, especially since I had to splurge a little on a special someone's birthday..

And as a bonus, I got a pretty, white cover-up with turquoise embroidery by O'neill too! It used to be $99-something but I only got it at $29! Although it wasn't something I could foresee myself wearing anytime soon, I just had to get it because I know, despite how unlikely it seems at the moment, I will be going on a cruise trip, or even better, a trip to Phuket! Or at least a swim at my friend's club..

Seriously though, my day couldn't have been any better. I am still in need of cotton, office-appropriate clothes, but thankfully my clothes aren't worn out! Oh happiness.

There will be pictures.. when I finally get to wear the kaftan. But this will do for now.

11 May 2013

From next month onwards, I won't be making it a point to blog here "regularly" for a number of reasons, one of which is that I'll be returning to school end of this month, so my time will be fully occupied with mostly work, school, and a little socializing.

Another reason is that I need to save up for some cost-heavy stuff (holidays, etc), so it I'm gonna have to try avoiding browsing online stores and lessen the chances of me destroying my savings account.

I'll still blog, just not as often as I tried to in the past.

30 April 2013

Long overdue!

In the past one and a half months (has it been so long?!) I've had more than one chance to pop into Uniqlo to see their new arrivals in person & I love what they've come up with! Some of the things that caught my eye were the Snoopy short-sleeved maxi dresses (so many colors & designs, which should I get?!), denim maxi skirts, and mandarin-collared shirts (pictured above with aforementioned denim skirt)! I love the casual, easy boho feel they have, and I don't think I've ever tried that style before!

I'm also particularly excited about the floral prints the Green Gate and Celia Birtwell collabs have; I haven't browsed them in person yet though, so we'll see. The Suzy's Zoo stuff are really cute too (sidenote: I bought a pack of milk candy with Suzy's Zoo packaging from one of those Japanese snack stores, it was too adorable for words!), but I'm getting too old for cartoon t-shirts, so I'm going to give it a pass.. Unless they're slashed to ridiculously low prices, because really how can I say no?!

I'm also eyeing this dress from H&M; I'm getting confirmed next month (it's a Catholic thing), and I need a white dress. This one's made of cotton, plus it's priced reasonably at SGD39.90. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to try it on!

I'm gonna go do other Internet stuff and relax while I can before my bedtime, so I'm just gonna finish my post here. Happy Labor Day y'all!

28 March 2013

Part Two!

Here I am, blogging about my allergies and what skincare products I use, just like I promised.. Believe or not I actually blogged 75% of this post last weekend but gave up in the end cuz I was just too tired. I'm a little tired from all the physical work I've been doing (long story), plus I recently started full-time, and hungry too since all I've had today was three plain pratas, so I'm going to make this quick & snappy (or so I thought).

Allergies: I can't binge on seafood like salmon, oysters, squid & prawns. I also can't wear anything but cotton; anything below 95% cotton will give my skin an unpleasant prickly sensation. I'm also more susceptible to scratching when I sweat, and I sweat easily, so being under the sun for prolonged periods is also a no-no.

Now on to skincare! I use:

1) For itches - Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment
I rinse the itchy area with cold water, then smack on a thin layer of the ointment. If the itch still persists after a few minutes, I lather on a bit more. By then it usually works. If it doesn't I'm ashamed to say I either resort to hot water or scratching. ]:

2) For moisturizing - RoC's Extra-Emollient Cream
I went to Guardian at Centrepoint almost two years ago, and a nice lady who worked there saw my cracked, reddened skin and recommended that I try the Extra-Emollient Cream; said it worked for someone she knew. She was nice enough to tell me I should get it from Robinsons instead since they were having 20% off; I don't know why I listened, but I guess I was desperate so I went and got it straight away. I'm glad to say it works better than QV & Aquarea for me, and although I'm still on a lookout for other moisturizers, I'm pretty satisfied with what I have right now. What I really like about it is that it doesn't give my skin a burning sensation, unlike some of the therapeutic body lotions I've tried, plus it does its job. If I had a chance though, I would like to try brands like Physiogel, but it's a little pricey so I don't feel confident enough to buy it without trying a sample first.

3) For weeping raw skin - Sudocrem
When I go into a scratching frenzy, I end up ripping off the top layer of my skin and making it weep (most eczema-sufferers should be familiar with this!). ]:
I was at Mustafa Centre a few weeks ago when I came across Sudocrem; I can't quite remember where I've seen the name, but it piqued my interested when I saw it was an antiseptic healing cream recommended for eczema (according to them it works for bedsores & diaper rashes too). I figured it might help with my wounds. What I didn't expect was that it'd stop the weeping, which in all my years I have never found a way to stop before (side note: fresh aloe vera helps speed up the healing process)! So yup I'm really happy I found this cream. Plus it's super affordable at $4.50 per tub; it may be small, but despite using it almost everyday, I still have a lot more left, perhaps enough to last me til August!

I really hope one of these products for you guys out there, whoever's reading this! Just keep an open-mind and be sure to try everything at least once! If it doesn't work, don't give up hope, there's bound to be something out there that works for you!

17 March 2013

On a(nother) personal note..

As you've read (or can read) from my bio on the top right, I suffer from atopic eczema, and it has greatly limited the things I can wear or slap onto my skin. I know how difficult it can be to feel and look pretty with this condition, I myself am scarred all over my body except on my face.. To my surprise, I've found in the past few years that it isn't uncommon as I thought it was, so I'm going to share what has helped me cope with it, in hope that someone can learn from my experience. You must bear in mind though, not everything works for everyone; the tricky bit about eczema is that our eczema can be triggered by a vast variety of things, so what I'm allergic to may not affect you.

1) Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits & vegetables.
Drinking water helps the body flush out all the toxins, while vegetables are well, just good for you in general. I used to hate drinking water, especially at room temperature, but after forcing myself, it's more of a habit now than a chore. I'm a big fan of meat, but I love my veggies as well, so eating vegetables isn't an issue for me. Fruits however are not something I eat unless offered to me, so I make it a point to eat them with my partner. You can do the same with your family, friends, whoever; just share a whole bunch with them and you won't even cringe.

2) Showering in cold/room temperature water (after soaping).
I hate to admit this, but I love bathing in almost-scalding-hot water, even if just for a few blissfully itch-free minutes.. I don't think a lot of people do this, but quite a few eczema-sufferers that I've met have also admitted to doing this, despite knowing it dries our skin terribly and gives us this a sort of "chicken-skin". I've been taking cold showers, and after awhile the coldness just numbs the itch, plus my skin has thankfully returned to it's normal texture. This doesn't mean you can't wash yourself in warm water though, you need to get rid of all the grease & dirt after all.. just do it real quick before soaping yourself.

3) Moisturize diligently!
Is your skin feeling dry? Chances are it is, so keep moisturizing until it doesn't! Make sure you find one that is safe for your skin (fragrance-free, suitable pH, dermatologically-tested, you know the drill). Same goes for everything else you put on your skin.

4) Wear nothing but cotton (or Tencel, if you can find it!).
I'm not sure if this applies to everyone, but synthetic materials are terrible for me. I once ended up with a really bad itchy rash all over my legs after wearing polyester pants to work; I learnt it the hard way and haven't repeated that mistake since! It may be difficult to find 100% cotton clothing at first, but once you've done enough research, you'll figure out which stores/brands carry them.

Local-wise, I personally favor Uniqlo for their printed tees, & Zara for their organic cotton tees, whereas online you can find American Apparel, which also uses cotton quite frequently in their designs, and, if you can afford it, People Tree is famous for their organic cotton clothing too, plus they do very pretty dresses suitable for work. Denim also usually has a high very content of cotton, sometimes even 100%, so denim brands like Levis, Wrangler, Lee Cooper, etc. would be a good option too. If you're lucky enough to find Tencel (I got my first Tencel-cotton-mix dress from Uniqlo!), which can be pretty pricey, good for you! I've read that they're better for us even though they're "man-made", as for why click here, it's a PDF file (don't worry it's in point-form!) for you to read! And if you still don't know why cotton is good for us, please go Google it. 

5) Try your darnest not to take steroids.
I took them once, gained almost 10kg (I've no self-control) but my skin had never been that amazing in years. Once I weaned off them (two months later I think?), the itch came back feeling worse than it was before, so all I could do was the above, so really, it's only a short-term measure.. not much help if you ask me.

7) Get a humidifier, especially if you sleep with the air-con on.
It keeps my skin less dry. Want more info? Google it.

8) The most important of all: Keep trying everything & be very observant!
Like I said in the beginning of this post, everyone is different. Your triggers may be chemically-related, food-related, stress-related, basically anything in your environment! So don't give up, just keep experimenting; if you notice your flare-ups get worse when you eat seafood, cut it out for a month, and see if you get better! If you do, congratulations, that's one point you can cross off your list! Who knows, maybe you won't even have to try all of the above tips!

I really hope the above helps you guys somehow. In my next post, I'll write a little about my allergies, and more on what skincare I've used in the past three years (ie. what helped and what didn't). And if you know any brands that use cotton often, please let me know!

So many wishes, so little trees.

*Edit: I meant to post this in my personal blog but since I kinda wish I could give this to so many people I know (or have known), I'm just going to leave it here.

I also want the below.

16 March 2013

Twist the knife and bleed my aching heart..

Excuse my frightfully emo heading, it's just an extract from Garbage's #1 Crush lyrics; it's one of the songs featured in the film Romeo + Juliet (I love them all!), and it's the first thing I thought of when I saw this shirt!

I could gush on and on about this shirt & how I love everything about the film, about how it has everything I want in an overpriced shirt (well, except that it's 50% polyester), but hey, here's a photo of it for your eyes to feast upon! If you, like me, hold the story and everything related to it dear to your heart, don't be alarmed at the fangirl screaming within you. For the heavy price tag of SGD150.15, you can walk around with this blazing Catholic iconography, and feel the delicious burn and happy floaty feelings that come with love.. or at least, that's what I imagine it'd be like.. Wearing this shirt I mean, not love.

That's all I've got at 4:17am, I was supposed to be in bed at least four hours ago, so as you can see, I really should stop now before I continue my rambling..

05 March 2013

Tired, not weary.

I recently got a full-time job and the switch has been quite taxing on me as I currently have to juggle two half-shifts at both companies in a day, and will only be adopting full-shifts at my new workplace in less than two weeks time. Until then, I won't be blogging as much as I did, how ever little as it was.

CNY also took a toll on me; I can't explain why but I've been inexplicably busy post-CNY. I know it was quite awhile ago, I'm still not too sure what happened, but I'm confident it has something to do with February only lasting 28 days, which gave me in total.. two weekends, to rest on! Suddenly everything makes more sense.. Anyway, enough excuses, today's post will be (predictably) back-dated.

Sadly, alike my previous posts, it also will be about missed opportunities.. Or, from a more positive viewpoint, unspent money. Kinda. I also won't have to squeeze more clothes further into my large suitcase (presently my only storage option for my um, spare clothes) which I am very sure is on the brink of exploding. It's mostly polyester and other non-cotton pieces of clothing which I can't bear to let go because #1 they are barely worn #2 who else will wear them?! Maybe someday when I've time I'll put them all up on eBay, & hope that some sentimental soul out there will give them a good home and pass them on to her daughter/s & so on.. Oh wishful thinking.

Crochet Midi Skirt by Asos (Sizes XS - M) - SGD96.53 23.60

FYI, the pretty skirt above is made of 100% cotton. Realistically however, I would never buy it because #1 it's white, and us girls know how finicky it is to wear white bottoms, especially during our "monthlies" #2 it's by Asos. I bought a white skirt from Asos last year, it was the first piece I ever bought from them; after receiving it I wasn't very fond of the color because it has a pink lining inside which shows through the white overlay, looking quite different from what I saw on my screen, and also because it feels a bit like I'm wearing a tablecloth. It is made by Asos, plus I got it pretty cheap, so I really shouldn't complain.. I've decided however to never get anything made from Asos again.

If I could be bothered to dye the above skirt black though, like how I want to with the white skirt I currently own, and if it came in my size, I might have taken a chance with it. But no, the only reason why I'm blogging about it is so I can use this as a future reference, something to look out for in a different color in a similar design when I'm window-shopping. I've always thought wearing something crocheted would be lovely; something unique for a change.

There are a whole lot of other things I'd like to blog about like socks (holes have sprouted in at least half my socks, and I want something trimmed with a little lace or frills to wear with my clogs) and footwear (I'm thinking of getting a pair of Dr. Martens shoes & Teva sandals), but it's half an hour to my bedtime so I really should stop here.

24 February 2013

Thanks again, Facebook!

Grid Print Flippy Dress - SGD59 SGD29

Oh Internet, what would I do without you. If I hadn't followed F3 Singapore on Facebook, I wouldn't have known that this dress was available at their physical Topshop outlets. I was browsing through Topshop's online store a week ago and found this dress, but decided not to get it cuz the shipping's a whopping SGD20. I'll admit I'm not crazy about the print but at least it stands out without being too glaring or wacky. Best part is, it's 100% cotton, and I've never bought anything from Topshop because I could never find anything100% cotton (apart from their tees, however I much prefer Zara's organic range)!

*Update: Sadly they've run out of the dress in their normal size at their Ion outlet (I had a friend check for me), and their Petites are going for SGD49, which is way too out of my budget. I was sorely tempted to, but in the end I decided to let it go.. I honestly would love to have a dress in this cutting, instead of having to always pair a tee with my skirts. I know it allows more versatility, but really it's getting kinda old for me, especially since most of my tops are graphic tees/plain tops, plus I'm running out of combos, and I really just want to throw a dress on some days when I wake up late and be done with it.

19 February 2013

Pirate Crew's Pet Tanuki Lol

Tony Tony Chopper Baseball Tee by Uniqlo
$24.90 $19.90

Isn't he cute? If you watch the anime One Piece you'd probably get this post's title. Otherwise nvm. :x

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm getting this top this weekend because #1 I like Chopper too much to not buy a shirt with him on it #2 ever since I couldn't get the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu x Galaxxxy Dino Tee (pictured below) in my size, I've been wanting a baseball tee just because it's better than nothing and will soothe the aching dent in my heart. -_-

FYI you can get it here for SGD20. It's not authentic though, I've to warn you.
Lately I've been influenced by the sportswear trend, thus the baseball tee pictured above, and the sudden fascination with Nike high-tops.. Which is kinda ironic, seeing how I never exercise. Sidenote: I've decided to donate my Vans ones to Salvation Army as they're too uncomfortable for someone with flat feet. ):

I also realized, ever since I turned 21,  I've become inclined towards dressing like I'm 16. Kinda weird since I'm already in my early twenties, so why don't I want to dress like I am! Must be some early on-set midlife crisis.. which would be great if it means that I won't experience on in my thirties. Anyway back to the topic. Unfortunately back when I was 16, I was in tees and jeans all the time; the most adventurous tops I wore were low-cut. Kinda sad but we all made mistakes when we were young, some more than others.

*Update:  In the end, due to the lack of time (did you know February only had 28 days! That's the shortest month out of all twelve months!), I didn't manage to get my Chopper shirt, which sucks because I had already forgo-ed the checkered dress I wanted to get from Topshop. ):

Oh well. When I do have the time I will pop by Uniqlo just to see if it's still in stock.. Who knows. Boy, am I looking forward to the opening of jem! It's only a mere 10-minute-trip away from my place! Can you imagine?! Hah.

 *Further Update:  So I went to Bugis+ and guess what, they ran out of the shirt in the color I wanted (they were left with the plain gray one). They had the nice Crimin one (I actually prefer the red sleeves over blue sleeves), so I tried it on in size M, which fit perfectly. The downside was, it's made of super thick fabric, so I didn't get it in the end because my new workplace is barely cold enough for me.. Oh well, tough luck. I did however see a lot of newly arrived stuff which I love, all of which were 100% cotton! This is getting a little longer than I expected, so I'm just going to blog about them sometime this week..

18 February 2013

So like everyone else..

I assume, I have already spent a hefty fraction of my angbao money on two new purchases from Asos. Unlike all of the websites I know of that offer free international shipping, Asos is the only one that sells items I can afford. Not that I'm complaining, especially since they've such a large variety of brands that are not available locally.

Anyway, my main focus when it comes to looking for new clothes (which I do at least weekly) are skirts and dresses. I have amassed a large collection of tops over the years, so I try my best not to add any new tops, unless it's an organic cotton on sale at Zara. Or in the case of this weekend, a tee with something I'm really fond of (I will elaborate more in my next post).. Then I just can't help myself.

I hardly ever buy hair accessories as well, except for basic rubber hair-ties, but those don't really count, do they? This time I made an exception because I saw something that I liked, and that I can actually picture myself using. I've made the mistake of buying a really fancy, beaded barrette with at least four different shades of blue beads in it about five or six years ago in Sydney? And I still have yet to wear it. It's kinda difficult accessorizing when I already have the most noticeable accessory of all: spectacles. Add anything else onto my head and I feel like it's getting a little cluttered.

So I got this pyramid stud hair clip from River Island (pictured below) for SGD5.50? It's a little pricey for me, seeing as how it's just an accessory, but I like that it's 50% off (rrp SGD11), plus it's a little different but doesn't stand out too much. I used to wear those Hot Topic-y studded belts as a teen, and I haven't really had a chance to wear anything else with studs w/o looking like some emo-wannabe kid ever since, so I'm pretty happy I found this.

I got this in gold, but for some reason the only photos they have are of it in silver.

I also got this skirt from French Connection (pictured below); I've always wanted to get something from them, but their prices are usually a little too high for me.. Silly teenage me had a list of fave brands that I wanted to "collect from" back then, and French Connection was on that list. Anyway I got this skirt for SGD34; it's a little more than I usually spend on bottoms, and even though personally I'm not a fan of pink, I think it'll go well with a lot of the tops I own.

I know it doesn't look like much, but it's #1 flared #2 made of 100% cotton, so I'm happy with it.

I'm actually in desperate need of more skirts since most of the dresses I have at the moment are sleeveless, and I don't find that very work-appropriate so I've to throw a cardigan on.. As a matter of fact, I've been wearing my M&S skirts that I got last month almost non-stop, if not my American Apparel ones, which is in total.. four. Yup.

Pre-CNY Reunion Lunch Outfit

What I wore to work last Friday.. Excuse the crumpled-ness.

I'm sure it's noticeable that I'm also using the same belt and same bag. I may need to work on those too.

*Update: I received my purchases from Asos last week and I'm pleased to announce, the skirt fits me perfectly! This time it really is 100% cotton too, just like they said. The hair clip is exactly what I wanted too; so happy! I now have this urge to shop for more.. it never ends! :x

12 February 2013

Something new!

And pretty that I can't afford, even after the price was slashed down from SGD127 to SGD77.. I'm still glad however, that I found this brand while browsing on Polyvore for cotton dresses. I used to hate Polyvore because I found it disorganized, but thanks to them I found out about Emily and Fin, which you can easily get on Asos (if you've got the extra cash). This dress (pictured below) is made of 100% pure cotton, so you can imagine how much it tugged at my heart strings, not to mention its lovely red fabric and cute 50s cutting (sort of skater-style, which I very much approve of).. It even has pockets! Luckily (*sniff*) they already ran out of my size, otherwise I might've splurged a fraction of my angbao money on it.

But it's okay, cuz I found something else within my price range (once again, thanks Polyvore)! It isn't as pretty as the E&F dress above, but it's super affordable (SGD22 incl. shipping), made of cotton, and has something that is lacking in my wardrobe (prints!). The color palette is vivid and colorful too, but not so much that it hurts the eyes.. My only gripe is that I wish it had sleeves.. I also have to admit it looks a little "blogshop-y". I'm still not quite convinced that it's the prettiest dress out there, so I'm still searching just to make sure I don't miss out on anything.

Zig Zag Tie-Back Dress by Influence

26 January 2013


FYI this is the most decent photo I could find - I got it off their Facebook page, not their website

That's "too cute" in Mandarin. I'm not sure how you'd say it in Cantonese since well, I don't speak Cantonese neither am I of Cantonese descent (or at least not that I'm aware of). Anyway, that's the first thing that popped in my head when I saw the above Chow Chow Bag by a not-so-widely-known HK brand, Mousse, last Friday night at Takashimaya. For those who are wondering, there's a little display area with all these cute bags on level 3, near the cashier that is the nearest to the entrance opposite Kinokuniya in the ladies' section. Good luck finding it.

I'd get it if not for the hefty price tag (which was at least SGD100) and the sad fact that I need to grow up and wear more mature clothes befitting of my age! Already I'm starting to wear my Carebear and Nightmare Before X'mas rings less and less, in fact, I'm starting to fear that I may have to retire them.. Even on a weekend they look a little ridiculous with what I wear nowadays, except maybe if I wear a top and a skater skirt.. But even then, they're starting to stick out a lot (to me), perhaps a little too much for my liking. Guess I don't feel so much like a kid at heart anymore. I still refuse to give up my skater skirts though, despite how teenage-y they look, and I probably won't until I have kids myself.. or find something comfier.

25 January 2013

100% cotton, you say?

It's spring/summer now, so Uniqlo has released quite a few staples for this season in lighter (ie. more spring-y) colors. In the case of the UV Cut Cardigan, they are now available in lovely colors like a light sky-blue, pastel yellow, mint green, lavender and more! Thankfully for me, they've darker colors too like the usual black, purple and navy (the latter two are pictured above).. I do wish they had others like a nice burgundy or dark truffle brown, but I guess that's more "fall season" than spring.. Anyway, I'm glad they come in both v-neck and round-neck; personally I prefer the v-neck.

If you work in an air-conditioned office like me, and have eczema or a skin allergy to "unnatural" fibres rubbing against your skin, especially in this hot and humid weather, you'd be pleased to know that this series is now (according to them) made in 100% COTTON! Previously when I looked at their older UV cut cardigans, I was disappointed to find that they were made with synthetic material, and ever since, I've not bothered checking out the UV Cut range since I assumed there's no way they can make clothing with UV protection without using synthetic materials.. and yet somehow, this time, they magically did! The amazing-ness of Japanese technology and it all.

As sad as this may sound, I think it's pretty evident that I'm actually pretty hyped up about this. It hasn't been easy finding cardigans made purely out of cotton locally (especially within my budget), and the only one I've managed to get my hands on is a gray cardigan by local menswear brand Coupé-cousu, so yes, I can't wait to head down to Uniqlo as soon as I can, and try one of these babies on! And then I can decide which color I'll bring home (maybe both, who knows!).

P/S: You may have noticed that this post has been tagged eczema-friendly, this means that it's about clothing (ie. 100% cotton, or if I'm lucky, tencel) suitable for people with eczema.. so, from now onwards, all posts about clothing made of 100% clothing will now be tagged with this tag, and hopefully, it will be of use to a fellow eczema-sufferer out there.

22 January 2013

Hello again, Antigona.

I'm usually not a fan of anything with obvious stitches, but this Antigona is in such a gorgeous shade, I wouldn't be able to say no. I also have to admit I love the dark brown trimming; sets it apart from the other solid-colored ones that are more common, without being too different or complicated.

I found this while browsing through medium-sized Antigonas (sidenote: the medium size suits me the best due to my short-stature and wide figure) here. No idea which season it's from, can't say I know I for sure but I think it's past season stock. Nevertheless if I had the means to splurge on this I would in an instant, but really I'm in no position to spend more than 2k on a bag, or anything else for that matter.

19 January 2013

Have you been to IMM or M&S lately?

Sometimes I get tempted to delete my Facebook account because I hardly ever use it for what it was intended for (updates, photos, "social networking", blah blah blah), but I keep coming back when I get bored to play a little SimCity Social, and you know, kaypoh around. The best part about Facebook though, is constantly being updated on all your fave brands and stores, all through a single platform. Thanks to Facebook, I found out that Marks & Spencer is having a sale! And look what caught my eye.

See the blue linen skirt circled in red on the left of the red shoes? It's from their Indigo Collection, and I bought it in two colors (stone & navy) two days ago at the M&S Paragon outlet for a total of SGD40. I am still feeling rather chuffed at getting them at such a steal, especially since I really needed more skirts to wear to the office as I hardly wear pants or jeans nowadays. As an effort in putting up more um.. personal posts, I will be posting photo/s of the me wearing the skirt sometime this week, maybe even later. I'm bad at making promises.

Now that Chinese New Year is just right around the corner (three weeks away!) and everyone's buying their new clothes, with such good bargains as these, M&S would be a good place to start looking. If you see something on their Facebook page that you'd like to head down to buy (browse through their Timeline photos to see their sales ads), remember to drop them a message first to check if the outlet you're planning to visit has the item in stock, otherwise you might be disappointed.

Also, I am quite surprised that I've yet to blog more about factory outlets and the like, despite that this blog is supposedly more focused on things I want but can't have, so I have added a new tag (new tag for the new year, hah!): outlet shopping. May there be more outlet shopping and buys for me (and you, whoever's reading) this year!

And seeing as how I've finished school and have nothing urgent on hand to do right now, I shall blog partially about the afternoon I spent at IMM (gasp! I'm actually blogging about something that happened just today) browsing the FJB Outlet. The brands I noticed they had were Guess watches & jewelry, Banana Republic, and of course, Gap. There was quite a number of fall/winter coats for those planning to go somewhere cold soon, plus the usual mix of dresses, tops, and bottoms. FYI they cater to both genders. Overall there was something for everyone, all clothing, just nothing for your feet and head.

I found a floral denim skirt from Gap that I quite liked, but at the price of SGD45 (after 50% discount), I told myself it wasn't worth it, forced myself to put it back and walked away.. I'm still thinking about it, but I've to be realistic and disciplined; I've already crossed my clothes budget, plus I already have a dress for CNY, so sadly, I must. say. no. The green tee if I'm not wrong, is SGD15 after 50% off? Quite a bargain; all the Gap pieces are going for 50% off, with the Banana Republic ones at 60% off, if I'm not wrong.

If you live in the west or you're planning to head there, and you have yet to buy your CNY clothes, I strongly suggest you drop by IMM for at least an hour, they seem to be marketing themselves now as an outlet shopping mall, with Timberland, Crocs and Bata outlets for shoes, Goldlion, Esprit, and FJB for clothes, and even New Balance, RSH and Nike for sportswear, there's really nothing you can't get at good bargain prices. Oh and obviously, this isn't an ad, I'm just really happy that I live in the west now. Can't wait for Billabong and Saccoor Brothers to open their outlets here! Looks like I won't have to go to Anchorpoint Mall ever again. And oh did I mention, they've a Coach outlet?

Please ignore the white splotches on my tee; they're actually dirt marks on the mirror.
Didn't notice them until I uploaded this pic /smacks forehead

I Googled for the skirt above because my phone camera wasn't good enough to capture the pretty floral print close-up, and this is what I found. Strange that the cutting seems a lot more flared on the model above than it did on me. Must be my big hips lol.

Guys' shirts from Gap - majority are priced at SGD40 after 50% off!
Tried the dark red one; it was so comfy, but the fit was a little too large for me cuz (obviously) I'm a girl..

11 January 2013

I just can't help it.

I've developed a weakness for gold in the recent years - there's just something about it that makes me happy looking at it, even happier when I get to fiddle with it. Which is pretty much why I got suckered into getting my first dress watch last month. And why I'm looking for other bits and pieces to stack on to my watch. I could come up with a few other excuses, or I could just admit I run out of things to surf online quite often, especially since blog-reading has become sort of a chore.. It's amazing how at least half of the ones on my list update almost every single day, it begins to get so tiring trying to keep up with every single outfit they post (blame my slight OCD).

Anyway, after blogging about Carrie K's Fiji Water Leather Bracelet, I was reminded of another notable local jeweler, By Invite Only, and how I missed their booth at the Public Garden late last year (I think it was sometime in August?). Being the bored person with a laptop and internet at my dispense, I browsed through their Nature//Nurture series and found a pretty bead bracelet, something which I've been eyeing, preferably in jade. I'm no expert in jades though, so I've been rather reluctant to buy a few nice pieces I saw on etsy.com, since I feel I'm very liable to get cheated.

This one is perfect, although my budget for this month and probably the next will be quite tight, seeing as how #1 I have debts to pay #2 I'm still on the hunt for a full-time job. I just hope it won't run out by the time I finally have the spare cash to buy this.

07 January 2013

Recent online buys.

Although I was overseas (literally ha ha) last month, I managed to get two dresses from Blood is the New Black at 75% off, thanks to a friend of mine. They arrived earlier than I expected; my expectations were pretty low though since I ordered them the week before X'mas.. I'm rather thankful they didn't get lost. So far I haven't had the misfortune, thank God.

I'm also super thankful that I got them in L without having a size chart to refer to; they fit pretty well! The only downside to all of this was that, due to my sheer excitement and over-eagerness, I completely forgot to check the back of the Dolly Fringe dress (pictured above).. You can imagine the surprise my friend & I had when we saw the dress. Guess I'll just have to wear a cardigan over it, or maybe, a bandeau or something (I highly doubt I'll be bothered to do so). Otherwise overall the fit's just nice.

On the other hand, the Crawford Boxy dress (pictured above) turned out a lot more purple than it looked on my screen! Flash can be a little tricky sometimes.. I don't really mind though, since I don't have a lot of purple pieces at the moment. It also has sleeves that are a little long, plus the dress is a little oversized. Nothing a belt can't fix though, besides I could always just roll up the sleeves or have them altered. Material-wise the cotton fabric is a little thicker than I would like, but oh well, after having shopped for a few American brands (eg. American Apparel, etc.), I've come to expect this, and I don't think it'll bother me much since I plan to wear it at work (hurray for freezing air-con temperatures).

06 January 2013

Latex necklaces? Who would've thought!

How could I forget, this baby was one of my best buys last year! I got this sometime in November, and I've had my eye on it since February. Back then it was ridiculous, paying full price for something I knew I wouldn't wear often. Then echo (a boutique at Wheelock Place retailing eco-friendly brands, now defunct) had a clearance sale of everything at 70% off! What other excuse did I have not to buy it.

It's from batucada, an eco-friendly Parisian brand specializing in latex accessories for ladies like necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The cool thing is - because they're made of latex - they lie flat on your skin and form this sort of 3D-tattoo-like effect. I managed to get one of the last pieces in a brassy gold instead of black, lucky me! I can't remember what the price was since it was quite a while back, but if I remember correctly, I'd estimate it to be less than SGD30. A little pricier than what I usually allow myself to spend on accessories, but #1 it's unique #2 it's suitable for my sensitive skin #3 I doubt I'll be seeing this often on the streets! Lovely.

The only setback: my significant other thinks it looks like a bird pooped on my chest from afar. I also need to get a chain to make it just a little longer. Sigh.

More wrist candy~

Recently I was at Orchard Cineleisure with a friend, so we dropped by rockstar by soon lee to see what they had (they always have nice stuff!), and we saw those nautical anchor bracelets by Kiel James Patrick that all those little hipsters out there have been donning on their wrists.. I've to admit, I was tempted to get one, but I didn't see any in a color that I liked (probably already snatched off the shelves), so when I went home that night, I browsed through their website and found this.

Green was my favorite color when I was a kid, then it became purple when I was a teen, and now, it's one of my fave colors, yet strangely I don't have much of it in my wardrobe.. well, not anymore, since about five years ago? Right now I'm trying to concentrate on blue, since I've already been through a green, gray and a short-lived red phase..

I wouldn't mind getting more green pieces though, and this would be great start, if not for the fact that #1 it costs USD38 excl. shipping (it's only twisted nautical cord and what, a brass? charm) #2 I'm too lazy to get up early enough to accessorize or even put time aside before I go to bed to plan what outfit I should wear tomorrow. That kinda thing usually works well as a resolution, except.. I don't do resolutions because #1 I don't care if it's a new year or not, I don't see why because it's a new year, I've to use it as a gauge as to judge how well (or badly) I did in the past year, life just goes on and I do the best I can #2 so what, I don't think it's realistic to set myself goals I'm not gonna accomplish, especially when I've other bigger and more important things to worry about, other things that actually require a lot more effort and well, deserve that effort.

Anyway, before I get too personal and rant-y (ie. off-topic), here's a more feminine and sort-of-sophisticated alternative I found on etsy, for just USD20.90 (incl. shipping).

I wonder, which one would Singaporeans prefer? I've to admit, the KJL one looks more.. well-made, but I don't think I've reached a point in my life where I would splurge on something as small as that, especially since I'd hardly wear it.