22 December 2012

Better late than never..

FYI: This post is quite outdated. Well, very, actually.

Designed by local hipster/fashion photographer/blogger Aetienne (aka Lenne Chai), this sold out black blazer has something I once thought of; PVC details. It all started with those see-through clutches.. I actually got a PVC bracelet at a sale Parco held to raise funds for the earthquake victims in Japan a year or two ago? But I never wear it out cuz #1 it's uncomfortable when I sweat #2 I don't really know what other accessories I should pair with it, and I never really put a second thought to it since
I've hardly have time or bothered to wear accessories for the past few years.. But now that I've bought three new watches (I bought two from Bijoux Terner at USD10 each onboard my cruise, before buying my Citizen Regent as it wasn't on sale yet), I figured I should make an effort and start accessorizing more often.

Anyway, before I deviate from the subject of this post any further, I bring to your attention, the Black Blazer with PVC Accents by Aetienne x Phyle. They've made two other pieces in three different colors as well, but this blazer really stood out to me.. I don't think I've seen this anywhere else locally, really. Bad news is that, the black one is OOS, however it is still available in prettier colors like mint and pink, so hurray for you if #1 you can wear synthetic materials #2 they still have your size. Hurry, the pieces are limited, and for SGD59.90 I think they're quite worth their price tag.

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