22 December 2012

Better late than never..

FYI: This post is quite outdated. Well, very, actually.

Designed by local hipster/fashion photographer/blogger Aetienne (aka Lenne Chai), this sold out black blazer has something I once thought of; PVC details. It all started with those see-through clutches.. I actually got a PVC bracelet at a sale Parco held to raise funds for the earthquake victims in Japan a year or two ago? But I never wear it out cuz #1 it's uncomfortable when I sweat #2 I don't really know what other accessories I should pair with it, and I never really put a second thought to it since
I've hardly have time or bothered to wear accessories for the past few years.. But now that I've bought three new watches (I bought two from Bijoux Terner at USD10 each onboard my cruise, before buying my Citizen Regent as it wasn't on sale yet), I figured I should make an effort and start accessorizing more often.

Anyway, before I deviate from the subject of this post any further, I bring to your attention, the Black Blazer with PVC Accents by Aetienne x Phyle. They've made two other pieces in three different colors as well, but this blazer really stood out to me.. I don't think I've seen this anywhere else locally, really. Bad news is that, the black one is OOS, however it is still available in prettier colors like mint and pink, so hurray for you if #1 you can wear synthetic materials #2 they still have your size. Hurry, the pieces are limited, and for SGD59.90 I think they're quite worth their price tag.

Finally, a dress watch!

Introducing, the Regent in gold by Citizen Eco-Drive. It's currently retailing at USD495, but I got it at 40% off at USD297 on sale while I was on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Phuket the past week. I got mainly because it was such a good deal, but also because I figured I might as well reward myself for finally finishing my diploma (at long last)!! I wish I could say I also got a full-time job but no, not yet.

Anyway, I've always wanted a gold dress watch, although I previously had my heart set on one with a black dial w/o any form of bling (diamonds, etc.). I made an exception for the Regent though, and even though it's a little more lady-like than I'm used though, I don't regret my decision.

5 years international warranty, Japanese movement, sapphire crystal glass, and of course, not to mention, it's gorgeous (to me at least).. I love it, and I can't stop fiddling with it and admiring it. Looks like I won't be getting the Guess x Tiesto watch (mentioned in my previous post) anymore!

15 December 2012

Collaboration galore!

I don't quite know why, but lately I've had a penchant for limited edition items like the Fiji x Carrie K bracelet featured in my previous post.

Below are a couple of items that I've my eye on at the moment, but am having second thoughts about:

Underground x Nylon Creepers @ SGD245
The first thing I thought when I saw this was 'PADDLEPOP'. And every Singaporean, especially when you're a kid (or a kid at heart, whichever), LOVES. PADDLEPOP.
Two things stopping me from buying them:
#1 I'm not sure if they're comfortable, especially since I've wide and flat feet.
I was actually considering dropping by Actually+ to try them on, until I found out that..
#2 They're made of suede; I can barely keep up with maintaining my leather shoes, so I'm not gonna trouble myself further by getting shoes made of SUEDE.

Guess x Tiesto Watch @ SGD238 (if I'm not wrong)
I've never been a fan of Guess watches, but something about this watch makes me want to wear it. It could be the gunmetal (I'm a sucker for gunmetal), it could be the fancy black/blue box it comes in, what I like about it the most though, is that, despite it being a men's watch, it fits my wrist nicely. I already have a watch that functions perfectly fine so far, so I'm not sure if I should splurge on something unneccesary when I could be buying other things, like on this coming Wednesday cuz BITNB is having 75% off (hint: join their mailing list ASAP)!

13 December 2012

FIJI Water Courage Harness

Ever since a friend of mine bought a Bottega Veneta woven leather bracelet a few months back, I've been on the look-out for similar but nicer and of course, more affordable alternatives. And although I chided my friend when he was on the verge of getting his BV bracelet in boring ol' black instead of brown, I've found myself wanting the FIJI Water Courage Harness by Carrie K, especially after I saw the photo below.

I first saw it when one of my fave TLC TV hosts Anita Kapoor posted a photo of it on her Instagram. On her shows, her wardrobe always seems to be.. National Geographic with a little dash of British India, I feel. Was surprised to see a stunning photo of her looking polished in a blazer, with wing-tipped eyeliner and coiffed, bunned-up hair.. Never knew she was that fashionable or glamorous. Interestingly enough she still seems very down-to-earth, which makes her even more likable.

Anyway, back to the topic. Not only is the Fiji bracelet for a good cause (it was made in support of the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation), it is also a limited edition piece. If I'm not wrong, only 120 pieces were made, plus it's by a local designer, which makes it all the more special and unique. It's already sold out, but well, it's not like I've an extra USD115.00 to splash on it anyway. I think it's safe to say however, that we can expect better things from Carrie K. in the years to come, and hopefully by then, I should have enough to spoil myself a little every now and then.

09 December 2012

Skater skirts!

They're my daily go-to piece and I wear them with boots to work at least 75% of the time, reason being #1 it's usually too hot to wear jeans #2 pencil & a-line skirts don't really do my height & bum any favors.

Recently I got the American Apparel Chambray Skater Skirt in blue from Asos.com for SGD23. I actually got it in black in Shanghai last year, and since I wear it so often, I figured I might as well get it in another color.

I've been trying to find more cotton skirts and I've to admit, I can't help but be more partial to skater skirts.. Below are a couple that I would love to own, if they weren't made of some synthetic material, but oh well.

 Silver Skater Skirt from The Editor's Market (Featured in JUICE Singapore Nov 2012 - Boys photoshoot)

Leather Skater Skirt by Markus Lupfer for ASOS Black