02 October 2012

I was catching up on my blog-reading..

When I found an online vintage store through B. Jones Style in California: Salvage Life. For some reason, the first thing that caught my eye was the "Bridal" section, and there I found something similar to what I've concluded in my head to be the perfect wedding dress (for me).. If I were to get mine custom made, it'd be in white cotton eyelet (just like the one below!), maybe with a bit of lace detail, maybe around the skirt or bodice, and with 3/4-sleeves and either a v-neck or boat-necked collar..

About a few months ago, I had this idea that white was too.. well, not mainstream, but common, and I thought gray would be a nice alternative. Seeing this changed my mind (IDK what I was thinking!), especially since white's the easiest color to dye (I plan to dye it into a less high-maintenance color so I can wear it with ease in the future and not just once for the wedding)..

Then again, I won't be getting married anytime soon, so this is just another one of those silly, whimsical blog posts. You can't deny the dress pictured below is pretty though!

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