27 September 2012

Totoro Watch by Seiko

Tempted to get this online (since I don't know of any stores locally that sell this), but I'm not sure.. First of all, I already have a watch, which is already kiddy-looking, plus I can change the strap to two other colors so I can't say I'm bored of it.. Secondly, I'm not if I can trust those online stores, plus there's the warranty issue; will I even get a valid one? Thirdly, I don't quite have the budget to get something that I don't need, so I guess this one will be on the list for awhile..

23 September 2012

Hee hee.

Just a little something I wanted to share..

You can get it on a shirt courtesy of Threadless here.

18 September 2012

Quick snippet:

I saw that Uniqlo was letting go of their Tell a Tale fafa shorts at $9.90 instead of $16.90 each, so I grabbed them at their Bugis+ store last weekend. Glad I got them; they're so comfy! Cutting's a bit strange, but it's okay, I'll only be wearing it at home.

Ugh, why Asos, why.

And just when you became one of my fave shopping sites.. I can understand if my item arrives late, after all, you can't control everything, can you? But telling me the skirt is 100% cotton, and then it turns out that it's made of viscose, nylon and polyester? That's grossly incorrect, and I'm very disappointed now. How difficult is it to read the tag, and type the exact same information you see?

I guess everyone makes mistakes at work, but really, I could've done without this inconvenience.. I just hope they own up to their mistake and offer me a fuss-free refund.

*Edit: Got a response in less than a day, and it turns out, I will be getting refund, which is all good and all, but still at my inconvenience (paperwork, bla bla bla). Oh well. Lesson learnt: if it doesn't look cotton, it's probably too good to be true. ):