21 August 2012

You'd think Asos would be paying me..

But nope, not a single cent. Nobody would ever pay me to advertise on this "blog", lest to say write an advertorial. It's the stupid free international shipping that keeps me checking Asos, as soon as I run out of things to do online.

I'm still undecided on the River Island lace skirt pictured below; I'm a little apprehensive about the length cuz it looks a little too short for my liking.. I've been trying to stock up more on midi skirts since I'm not having much luck in with finding 100% cotton maxi skirts/dresses. I feel comfier with coverage; I need anything that can put my thunder-thighs out of sight. Anything pretty and made of cotton, that is.

*Update: I ended up getting the last piece in my size for SGD18.58! Call me a sucker if you want, but I'm glad I decided to wait.. The extra 10% made it all the better!

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