24 August 2012

I may be an animal lover..

But as much as I hate to say it, I love leather. I tried to stay away from it during my late teen years, but it only made me realize why leather's better than pleather.. I just love the luscious, "more-natural" feel of it, and I figured, since I love eating beef, why let the rest of it go to waste? Fur's a different matter altogether though, do you know anyone who eats mink or chinchilla? Besides it's so unnecessary, what with wool and more humane options.. but that's a different story, and I shan't go on and on about it here.

Anyway, I've never been a fan of Braun Buffel until recently; I've always admired that they've been able to sell quality leather products at affordable prices, plus their stylish men's designs too..Their bags for ladies back then however were just too.. "auntie". They've improved since then, especially since I got their Bleu 3 Fold Long Wallet in dark bronze for my 21st birthday last year. I can't remember how much I spent on it, maybe close to SGD200? It's holding up pretty well so far though, so I'm not worried or regretting my decision.

Now this bit is a slightly outdated, since I saw the Brill Doctor's Bag pictured below last month when I was shopping with the parents at Robinsons, and I would've gotten it, if I didn't have more than enough bags.. I just love the shape (so sturdy-looking!), and being a fan of One Piece, I would've loved being able to have a bag similar to Chopper's. Ah well. One day when I've finally used 75% of my bags to their limit, I hope there'll be a similar-looking one waiting for me.

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