31 August 2012

Honestly? I'm feeling pretty smug now..

Cuz I just scored an online bargain! I just spent approx. SGD35 on three tees (two for me and one for my SO) from Threadless, and I can say it was super worth it because:
#1 I've had Threadless tees since I was 16 and they've lasted me for at least 5 years!
#2 They're super comfy and pretty unique since not everyone in Singapore will have what you have
#3 They were on sale; two were slashed by 50% from USD20 to USD10, while one was slashed to USD13 from USD24!
However, I do have to mention that the original price was  USD41.97, as you can see above. The amount I paid to Threadless though? Just a mere USD11.97 (circled in red)! This is all thanks to Groupon since I got their SGD19.90 for USD30 worth of Threadless stuff (boxed in green)! So in total, like I mentioned at the start of this post, I spent just SGD35+/-.

So yup, I'm pretty pleased that I got good quality cotton tees for a little more than what people usually pay at Bugis Street (the cheapest place I know to shop at)! I guess I could say I got prettyy lucky, especially since I chanced upon the Groupon deal on a Facebook ad if I remember correctly.. which is a little strange cuz I subscribe to Groupon yet I somehow managed to miss it. Oh well.

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