31 August 2012

Honestly? I'm feeling pretty smug now..

Cuz I just scored an online bargain! I just spent approx. SGD35 on three tees (two for me and one for my SO) from Threadless, and I can say it was super worth it because:
#1 I've had Threadless tees since I was 16 and they've lasted me for at least 5 years!
#2 They're super comfy and pretty unique since not everyone in Singapore will have what you have
#3 They were on sale; two were slashed by 50% from USD20 to USD10, while one was slashed to USD13 from USD24!
However, I do have to mention that the original price was  USD41.97, as you can see above. The amount I paid to Threadless though? Just a mere USD11.97 (circled in red)! This is all thanks to Groupon since I got their SGD19.90 for USD30 worth of Threadless stuff (boxed in green)! So in total, like I mentioned at the start of this post, I spent just SGD35+/-.

So yup, I'm pretty pleased that I got good quality cotton tees for a little more than what people usually pay at Bugis Street (the cheapest place I know to shop at)! I guess I could say I got prettyy lucky, especially since I chanced upon the Groupon deal on a Facebook ad if I remember correctly.. which is a little strange cuz I subscribe to Groupon yet I somehow managed to miss it. Oh well.

24 August 2012

I may be an animal lover..

But as much as I hate to say it, I love leather. I tried to stay away from it during my late teen years, but it only made me realize why leather's better than pleather.. I just love the luscious, "more-natural" feel of it, and I figured, since I love eating beef, why let the rest of it go to waste? Fur's a different matter altogether though, do you know anyone who eats mink or chinchilla? Besides it's so unnecessary, what with wool and more humane options.. but that's a different story, and I shan't go on and on about it here.

Anyway, I've never been a fan of Braun Buffel until recently; I've always admired that they've been able to sell quality leather products at affordable prices, plus their stylish men's designs too..Their bags for ladies back then however were just too.. "auntie". They've improved since then, especially since I got their Bleu 3 Fold Long Wallet in dark bronze for my 21st birthday last year. I can't remember how much I spent on it, maybe close to SGD200? It's holding up pretty well so far though, so I'm not worried or regretting my decision.

Now this bit is a slightly outdated, since I saw the Brill Doctor's Bag pictured below last month when I was shopping with the parents at Robinsons, and I would've gotten it, if I didn't have more than enough bags.. I just love the shape (so sturdy-looking!), and being a fan of One Piece, I would've loved being able to have a bag similar to Chopper's. Ah well. One day when I've finally used 75% of my bags to their limit, I hope there'll be a similar-looking one waiting for me.

21 August 2012

You'd think Asos would be paying me..

But nope, not a single cent. Nobody would ever pay me to advertise on this "blog", lest to say write an advertorial. It's the stupid free international shipping that keeps me checking Asos, as soon as I run out of things to do online.

I'm still undecided on the River Island lace skirt pictured below; I'm a little apprehensive about the length cuz it looks a little too short for my liking.. I've been trying to stock up more on midi skirts since I'm not having much luck in with finding 100% cotton maxi skirts/dresses. I feel comfier with coverage; I need anything that can put my thunder-thighs out of sight. Anything pretty and made of cotton, that is.

*Update: I ended up getting the last piece in my size for SGD18.58! Call me a sucker if you want, but I'm glad I decided to wait.. The extra 10% made it all the better!

19 August 2012

Frustrated Rant, INCOMING!

I just found out that the purple organic cotton AA dress I got recently from Asos is now being sold for a measly sum of $19.56, with of course, free shipping! Arggghh! I feel cheated now, and the fact that if only I had waited, I would've scored a better deal, just peeves me to no end. $10 may seem a small sum, but if it can buy me a meal, I don't see why I should waste it.. I've to admit, I was scared that they'd run out of stock.. little did I know that they're trying super hard to clear it!

Oh well. I guess this is a lesson learnt: buying on Asos is like bidding in a Dutch auction; you need a bit of patience and a lot of luck. For those who are unfamiliar with what a Dutch auction is like, it's basically waiting for the price of an item to go as low as possible before you grab it. The waiting, the anticipation, damn it's intense.

..Now I'm asking myself if I should buy the exact same dress to stock up since #1 it's super comfy #2 the color's cute and pretty unique #3 organic cotton hardly ever comes this cheap! The only thing that's stopping me, is that I'll need to wear a strapless bra when I wear it, and I'm not sure if I want to do that more often than necessary.

11 August 2012

It's so hot here..

And I'm sick of tying up my hair with these thin, tiny one-time-use rubberbands I bought from Guardian. I chanced upon these Twistband Hair Ties, but frankly speaking, I find them a little overpriced, so I Googled 'best hair ties' to see what other options were out there and I found this for USD8.00 at Sephora.. I hope they have it, but I kinda have a feeling that they won't. Oh well, fingers crossed.

*Update: True enough, I've checked with Sephora Singapore and Malaysia on Facebook, and have found out that they do not stock them. Guess I'm gonna have to get the Twistband ones from Bellabox after all.. ):

08 August 2012

Since I've $100 to spend at the Clarks boutique in MBS..

I figured I might as well pick out 3 shoes to try from the Clarks Singapore website, to limit the time I'll be spending at the boutique since I'll be there sometime this month for the Harry Potter Exhibition, so here's my fave one!

*Update: Saw this at Takashimaya yesterday; it costs only SGD163, which means I'll only have to pay $63 for them! Might not be getting it though; it comes in wide-fit, however the heel is smaller than I thought it'd be, so I might be getting a pair of flats (hopefully loafers!).. However, I obviously wouldn't know for sure 'til I try them on at MBS.

06 August 2012

Yet another item that's out of my budget..

Thistlepearl Victorian Lace Cotton Dress @ USD79.00 USD39.99

It's oh so pretty though.. and I'm oh so tempted especially since it's cotton, plus lotsa blogshops are doing sprees for this particular site.. Ah well, I guess I'd better at least get a job first before I even consider getting it.

04 August 2012

Free int'l shipping has got me hooked..

Firstly, I just have to say: I love, love, love almost anything pussybow. There's strangely something about it that's feminine yet not too girly at the same time, despite the large bow.. Well, IMO anyway. I also love denim; it's a wardrobe staple, I've been wearing them since I was a teen, and I don't think I can ever do without it.

I've been browsing Asos almost everyday, I'm not exactly sure why but I think it's safe to assume that at least 60% of women out there with access to Internet 24/7 do the same. It's kind of a hobby, I guess, like how window-shopping is.. Anyway, imagine how I felt when I saw this.

I would've honestly bought it in a heartbeat, if not for two important factors #1 The high collar wouldn't suit me #2 It's out of my budget (I need to be realistic).

Etsy Finds

I've been browsing through Etsy since 4am, and there have only been three keywords that I've in mind (in addition to cotton, of course): Mexican, Hawaiian & Nightie.. I've been watching That 70s Show re-runs, and I've to admit, I'm a teeny bit inspired by Jackie. Below is a mix of things I favorited (most of which are below USD30, excl. shipping); photos are all linked!


Here's a little something that caught my eye while looking through my inbox:
The Totem Manial Dress by new Singaporean label Mash-Up for SGD89.00 at Clout Shoppe. If I'm not wrong, you can visit their physical store at Parco Next next, or visit their online store that ships overseas (to Australia & most of Asia ATM)!

Wish it were in 100% cotton.. Love the design though!