27 July 2012

With just SGD53.10..

I can buy myself a couple of pretty things on sale from Asos! The purple dress above is from American Apparel (organic cotton, my fave!), while the skirt below (100% cotton too, yay) is from the Asos petite collection! I wish I could've gotten something from People Tree, but sadly #1 the prices were too high #2 the variety isn't as wide as their official webstore.. I would've bought directly from them, especially since they're having a sale of up to 75% off! If only they did international shipping (aaah my heart is just breaking, thinking about all the pretty dresses I could've bought..).

Nevertheless, I'm feeling pretty gleeful right now, despite having read horror stories in the past about packages getting lost in the mail, specifically those from Asos.. but, it's a risk I'm willing to take! How could I resist such a steal?!

I've decided to forgo the accessories I featured in my previous post, since I already have a bunch of accessories that I haven't been wearing because.. um, I always.. forget. Anyway, I am however, planning to buy a few more pieces more before the month is even over, as soon as I get my second paycheck.. It all depends on whether I can fit into those coral Levi's (pictured above) though! Gonna be popping into a Levis' store ASAP to see if I can fit into their UK 14 Demi/Bold Curve.. And if I can't, oh well, too bad.

According to my partner, a pair of "limited edition" jeans (I was told so, by a Levis' staff) priced at SGD73.69 isn't a steal anyway.. My.. "intuition" (or heart, can't tell) tells me otherwise though.

UPDATE: My parcel from Asos arrived 3 days earlier than I expected: the purple organic cotton dress by AA fits perfect and is oh-so-comfy (fabric's a little thicker than I expected for a "summer dress", but it's no biggie). As for the skirt by Asos, the quality could be a lot better (think "blogshop" material), but for the price I got it at, I really should've known better, so oh well. At least there were no defects or worse, a lost parcel!

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