31 July 2012

Super outdated post!

I've realized that even though I never blogged about the dress above, I had wanted something from the Uniqlo x Laura Ashley collab.. Lucky for me my parents got it for me a couple of months or so ago while I was out with them at 313 Somerset. I also got a sleeveless denim dress on sale (pictured below); the one I got however is in a darker shade. It was a little pricier than I'm used to, think it cost almost SGD40, but it's made of a cotton/tencel blend! I found out recently that tencel is one of the few synthetic fabrics that is actually recommended for sensitive skin, and is still quite uncommon in the market. I hope to see Uniqlo using this material more often!

Anyway both are super comfy; the floral one can be a little short (I think it's meant to be a tunic for taller girls), plus it can look a bit like PJs, while the denim one gets wrinkled easily cuz of the fabric, but I like them anyway, especially with a red belt.

At the moment I've my eyes on the linen dress; planning to go see if it's on sale later since I'll be at VivoCity. If it's not, I may get it anyway.. as long as it suits me!

29 July 2012

I've been thinking..

..maybe it's time for me to branch out into other topics, blogging-wise.. like maybe food? I am always thinking about the places I wanna try out, dishes I'm craving, etc. I am aware that this particular blog URL has 'wardrobe' in it, and I sure as hell don't keep food in my wardrobe, or know anybody who does, for that matter.

So right now, I'm debating between #1 changing my current blog URL and #2 making a new blog focused on food reviews, etc. ATM I'm not exactly sure which would be better.. I feel that if I choose #1, I might as well make this blog sort-of personal and just blog about anything I want, which would kind of make it my journal, and well, I already have one.. a private one, which would kind of make #1 redundant. So yeah, something to mull over during the weekend.

27 July 2012

With just SGD53.10..

I can buy myself a couple of pretty things on sale from Asos! The purple dress above is from American Apparel (organic cotton, my fave!), while the skirt below (100% cotton too, yay) is from the Asos petite collection! I wish I could've gotten something from People Tree, but sadly #1 the prices were too high #2 the variety isn't as wide as their official webstore.. I would've bought directly from them, especially since they're having a sale of up to 75% off! If only they did international shipping (aaah my heart is just breaking, thinking about all the pretty dresses I could've bought..).

Nevertheless, I'm feeling pretty gleeful right now, despite having read horror stories in the past about packages getting lost in the mail, specifically those from Asos.. but, it's a risk I'm willing to take! How could I resist such a steal?!

I've decided to forgo the accessories I featured in my previous post, since I already have a bunch of accessories that I haven't been wearing because.. um, I always.. forget. Anyway, I am however, planning to buy a few more pieces more before the month is even over, as soon as I get my second paycheck.. It all depends on whether I can fit into those coral Levi's (pictured above) though! Gonna be popping into a Levis' store ASAP to see if I can fit into their UK 14 Demi/Bold Curve.. And if I can't, oh well, too bad.

According to my partner, a pair of "limited edition" jeans (I was told so, by a Levis' staff) priced at SGD73.69 isn't a steal anyway.. My.. "intuition" (or heart, can't tell) tells me otherwise though.

UPDATE: My parcel from Asos arrived 3 days earlier than I expected: the purple organic cotton dress by AA fits perfect and is oh-so-comfy (fabric's a little thicker than I expected for a "summer dress", but it's no biggie). As for the skirt by Asos, the quality could be a lot better (think "blogshop" material), but for the price I got it at, I really should've known better, so oh well. At least there were no defects or worse, a lost parcel!

26 July 2012


Since I've been trying to focus more on finding basic pieces and things that have something I like am crazy about printed on them, I've been random googling things that I like on eBay out of curiousity, and these are what I've found:

12 July 2012

Sale time again!

It's a little late to say this, but once again, just like it has been for the past 20 or so years (I think?), it's GSS time! What's even better is that even overseas, Asos is having a sale too! This only means one thing to me: that I can have stuff that not everyone in Singapore will have! Which is good enough reason to spend my hard-earned money, if you ask me (especially if it's heavily discounted). Only if I like it though, of course. And since I haven't been blogging much these past few months, here's a list of the items I've my eye on (photos only).


Also, I've decided to start tagging my posts again. I haven't figured out an exact, systematic way of doing so yet, but I must and shall try my best to stay organized! It is essential.

03 July 2012


Haven't had much in the 'wardrobe area' to blog about lately.. Been more focused on food, not sure if that's a good thing. Am also trying to get my act together (all part and parcel of growing up, I'm sure) as usual.. At least I'm on my way to graduating this December.

So here's a random photo. It doesn't particularly mean anything, just something to fill this space up.. for now, I guess.