19 April 2012

meet baby lupo!

Haven't had anything I really want to blog about lately, so here's a DecoPic of one of my chinchillas, baby Lupo!

He's about 5 months old now, so I'm expecting hoping he'll be making little chinchilla babies earliest by this December!

01 April 2012

i don't like tumblr.

it's just not my thing, probably cuz i'm too used to my blogspot interface. oh well. here comes a spam of cut-and-pasted photos.

..okay, maybe not a spam. i've a buncha things i can picture in my head that i can't find online, so i'm just gonna list them here:
- simple teal feather bib necklace
- denim cords
- wine-colored v-necked t-shirt dress
- fringed cardigan
- everything from wheels & dollbaby, people tree and karen millen!!