15 January 2012

shoes for the woman w/ wide-feet.

quite a number of women out there have been wearing shoes that are way too narrow for them.. how do i know? i've seen my fair share of them, wearing ballet flats that are streeetched out to the max, revealing the sides of their feet, and boy IS IT UNSIGHTLY. 

so unsightly, i feel so bad for them, that i've decided to start a list of shoes that sell shoes fit for us. i've flat feet as well, so you can imagine how troublesome it is (& painful), when i go shoe-shopping, and all i see are cheap, pretty shoes with #1 no proper support/cushioning, & #2 not enough space for my feet to feel comfy and relaxed in.

- new look (quality leaves much to be desired; they do have wide-fit shoes however, pros & cons, pros &  cons.. not anymore, checked recently & they seem to have stopped bringing them in, aw)
- marks & spencer (just read the sole; if it's for wide feet, it'll say so)
- clarks and scholl (of course! need i elaborate?!)
- payless (look out for the ones w/ a 'w' after the size number - eg. '7w')

- ecco (not so keen on the designs, but meh, some people have different priorities i guess)
- camper (seems likely, as they look pretty comfy; i've yet to try them though)
- crocs (they seem to be pretty wide-cut, however, unlike leather shoes, they don't stretch)

07 January 2012

first post of the year..

this store has been on my "if i had more money i'd shop there" (sigh, story of my life) list for about a year and a half, and until now, i hadn't wanted anything from there as much as i want the above..

and that's all for now! folks.