21 December 2011

vintage stores..

pricey, vintage stores. always fun to have a little look at, explore around a little, maybe pick up a bag or try a pair of shoes or two.. this post will be where i list all my hidden finds. so far i only hv a couple, but it's okay, at least it's a start.

beauty shoes co.
specializes in vintage shoes & bags & a few wallets
170 upp bukit timah rd
bukit timah shopping centre
tel: 6468 0914

"a mixture of shoes as cheap as 20++, gorgeous vintage heels, and a few quirky pairs (red glitter stripper sandal-heels, anyone? kinda like the stripper version of dorothy's special glittery red shoes). quite a variety of men's boots and loafers as well. quite a few lovely vintage purses too."

kaiyo reptile products pte ltd
specializes in exotic-skinned handbags, belt & wallets
29 bukit pasoh rd

"crocodile, ostrich, leather, woven horsehair.. you know, the usual. the ostrich wallets are to die for; so soft plus they come in a variety of eye-catching colors that *pop*. the downside? they're mostly 600 and above, unless you're looking for a short wallet."

15 December 2011

too much?

i bought a pair of dark blue cotton pj pants by la senza from singsale for 20-ish, and a purple tank top by dorothy perkins (supposedly worn once) for just 6 bucks recently. and yet, i still can't get enough.. and how could i, when on the 20th of dec, blood is the new black, is having 75% off!! /swoons

i'm soo excited, i don't know what else to say!

i love x'mas.