13 November 2011

time's running out..

lately i've only had my twice-a-week evening classes to keep me busy, and, apart from my job-hunting, pets & hanging out w/ a couple of friends, i don't have much to keep me busy (constantly). which got me thinking, esp. since i'm nearing the big (imo) two-one.

how can i contribute to society? what can i do that i can be proud of? can i help people who deserve help? all these questions are popping in and outta my head more and more frequently. and the more they occur, the more frantic i am to at least get an idea before 2011 ends.

to be honest, i don't have much too offer. i'm lazy, i'm forgetful, i'm terrible outdoors in the warm & humid weather, i'm not an active person, i'm a foodie yet i can't cook, and i hate mornings.. i could list a lot more flaws of mine, but then this isn't the focus of this post (plus i don't feel like talking about it here & now).

so, while i continue to brainstorm on ideas (money-generating ones of course, because really, who's gonna feed me but myself?), here are a few fashion-related ways to show that you care, not to anyone of course, except god. kidding. but no seriously, god is watching.

PATCH [http://patch.thepatatas.com] - you pay what you want for brand new or pre-loved items. the catch? 100% of the funds go to a featured charity, so don't take advantage of them (ie. be stingy)!

Blessings In A Bag [http://blessingsinabag.org/index.php/wishlist] - got too many ocean pacific tees from your teenage years? all looking perfectly fine, and you don't have a maid to hand them down to? well donate them! not to salvation army, but straight to kids in need of.. stuff!

UNIFEM Buy To Save - the festive season's right around the corner, you want something luxe, maybe even a luxury label, but you're low on cash? try UNIFEM's annual charity sale! visit http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=313627158651265 for more info.

for now that's about all i've got,  so that's it. don't forget though, volunteering's always an option.

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