09 November 2011

threadless buys!

threadless is having a free international shipping promo, so i had a quick spree with a couple of friends & voila, i got three tees for less than sgd13! are those good buys or what!? i'm a bit disappointed that both the girly tee dresses i was eyeing are sold out (i adored the "toothpick swarm"!). i nearly got a hoodie as well, but i wizened up & ditched it in the end. cuz really, let's face it, who in their right mind would wear a hoodie in such humid weather? unless of course, you're not as "cold-resistant" as i am..

although i insisted repeatedly in the past that i was going to limit myself to one graphic tee a year in order to build a more "grown-up" wardrobe, i'm afraid i still have a weakness for the below.

#1 i've been on the hunt for something in rust/burnt orange.
#2 it's been awhile since i bought a tee w/ an animal on it (the chinchilla one is an exception! ..cuz it looks more like an alien critter than a chinchilla)
#3 who doesn't like tigers!
according to the product info pg, 25% of proceeds from this tee goes to unicef, so yay. i finally get a patterned tee, and i do a good deed!

i've always, always wanted a shirt like this!
i've too many gray tees but i just couldn't pass this up; it was either this, or pink!

anyway, hurry, the promo ends tomorrow on 9 nov at 11pm for us singaporeans! drop me a msg if you need help holding a spree & i'll see if anymore of my customers/friends are keen.

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