14 November 2011

singsale lemmings.

first time i'm using the word 'lemmings'.. seems pretty appropriate though heh heh. anyway, couple of things below that i want but not necessarily from singsale, since those b@stards charge heavily for postage.

think it'd be a nice change from the usual black/nude bra under a see-through/mesh top. i don't foresee myself wearing something translucent in the near future, but i like my stuff navy anyway. it's a push-up bra by davenport btw; i don't think i'm ever going to buy a bra online.

believe it or not, that's 100% cotton according to the product info page. i've a thing for dull, earthy "fall" colors like maroon, brown, navy, & rust.. i just can't help it. it's by gyaru brand rosebullet btw. who would've thought.
pity singsale wants to be a jerk & charge SGD9.00 for postage, otherwise i'd buy this in an instant.

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