24 November 2011

3 ticks!

#1 it's sort of a cross between a loafer and a boat shoe (check!)
#2 it's made of leather and hardy (check!)
#3 it's a lovely chocolate brown (check!)

i've (finally) decided to start saving up for a pair of minnetonkas. why? i met a woman at work today, wearing the nicest pair of aged-looking, well worn-in loafers, and guess what. they were minnetonkas! apparently her husband bought them for her TEN YEARS AGO. amazing? i think so too!

i'm already looking forward to them. hope i get the right size! :x

*edit: found them at red wing shoes at suntec city; they didn't have the one pictured above, however they did have the latest embroidered ones.. i won't be getting them anymore however; the sole's made for normal feet and way too slim for mine. oh well. ):

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