24 November 2011

3 ticks!

#1 it's sort of a cross between a loafer and a boat shoe (check!)
#2 it's made of leather and hardy (check!)
#3 it's a lovely chocolate brown (check!)

i've (finally) decided to start saving up for a pair of minnetonkas. why? i met a woman at work today, wearing the nicest pair of aged-looking, well worn-in loafers, and guess what. they were minnetonkas! apparently her husband bought them for her TEN YEARS AGO. amazing? i think so too!

i'm already looking forward to them. hope i get the right size! :x

*edit: found them at red wing shoes at suntec city; they didn't have the one pictured above, however they did have the latest embroidered ones.. i won't be getting them anymore however; the sole's made for normal feet and way too slim for mine. oh well. ):

14 November 2011

singsale lemmings.

first time i'm using the word 'lemmings'.. seems pretty appropriate though heh heh. anyway, couple of things below that i want but not necessarily from singsale, since those b@stards charge heavily for postage.

think it'd be a nice change from the usual black/nude bra under a see-through/mesh top. i don't foresee myself wearing something translucent in the near future, but i like my stuff navy anyway. it's a push-up bra by davenport btw; i don't think i'm ever going to buy a bra online.

believe it or not, that's 100% cotton according to the product info page. i've a thing for dull, earthy "fall" colors like maroon, brown, navy, & rust.. i just can't help it. it's by gyaru brand rosebullet btw. who would've thought.
pity singsale wants to be a jerk & charge SGD9.00 for postage, otherwise i'd buy this in an instant.

13 November 2011

time's running out..

lately i've only had my twice-a-week evening classes to keep me busy, and, apart from my job-hunting, pets & hanging out w/ a couple of friends, i don't have much to keep me busy (constantly). which got me thinking, esp. since i'm nearing the big (imo) two-one.

how can i contribute to society? what can i do that i can be proud of? can i help people who deserve help? all these questions are popping in and outta my head more and more frequently. and the more they occur, the more frantic i am to at least get an idea before 2011 ends.

to be honest, i don't have much too offer. i'm lazy, i'm forgetful, i'm terrible outdoors in the warm & humid weather, i'm not an active person, i'm a foodie yet i can't cook, and i hate mornings.. i could list a lot more flaws of mine, but then this isn't the focus of this post (plus i don't feel like talking about it here & now).

so, while i continue to brainstorm on ideas (money-generating ones of course, because really, who's gonna feed me but myself?), here are a few fashion-related ways to show that you care, not to anyone of course, except god. kidding. but no seriously, god is watching.

PATCH [http://patch.thepatatas.com] - you pay what you want for brand new or pre-loved items. the catch? 100% of the funds go to a featured charity, so don't take advantage of them (ie. be stingy)!

Blessings In A Bag [http://blessingsinabag.org/index.php/wishlist] - got too many ocean pacific tees from your teenage years? all looking perfectly fine, and you don't have a maid to hand them down to? well donate them! not to salvation army, but straight to kids in need of.. stuff!

UNIFEM Buy To Save - the festive season's right around the corner, you want something luxe, maybe even a luxury label, but you're low on cash? try UNIFEM's annual charity sale! visit http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=313627158651265 for more info.

for now that's about all i've got,  so that's it. don't forget though, volunteering's always an option.

12 November 2011


i've many fave things, especially when it comes to food, hell, even more so if it's sweet, and one of them, is PEEPS. put them w/ something i use everyday, & what do you get?

available on amazon for USD6.95 (excl. shipping).

a bit too expensive? i agree. i'm crossing my fingers and hoping that candylicious or quixotic inc. might bring it in someday though..
besides, my lipsmackers are far from being run out.

11 November 2011

a modern take on something vintagey?

if i can't get a plain & simple tortoiseshell watch, i want a tortoiseshell necklace.. which of course, i can't have either.

09 November 2011

threadless buys!

threadless is having a free international shipping promo, so i had a quick spree with a couple of friends & voila, i got three tees for less than sgd13! are those good buys or what!? i'm a bit disappointed that both the girly tee dresses i was eyeing are sold out (i adored the "toothpick swarm"!). i nearly got a hoodie as well, but i wizened up & ditched it in the end. cuz really, let's face it, who in their right mind would wear a hoodie in such humid weather? unless of course, you're not as "cold-resistant" as i am..

although i insisted repeatedly in the past that i was going to limit myself to one graphic tee a year in order to build a more "grown-up" wardrobe, i'm afraid i still have a weakness for the below.

#1 i've been on the hunt for something in rust/burnt orange.
#2 it's been awhile since i bought a tee w/ an animal on it (the chinchilla one is an exception! ..cuz it looks more like an alien critter than a chinchilla)
#3 who doesn't like tigers!
according to the product info pg, 25% of proceeds from this tee goes to unicef, so yay. i finally get a patterned tee, and i do a good deed!

i've always, always wanted a shirt like this!
i've too many gray tees but i just couldn't pass this up; it was either this, or pink!

anyway, hurry, the promo ends tomorrow on 9 nov at 11pm for us singaporeans! drop me a msg if you need help holding a spree & i'll see if anymore of my customers/friends are keen.

08 November 2011

what i was up to..

last night. just a couple of brooches, a little hint at what i'll be working on in the near future. i still have few little surprises tucked away though! fingers crossed as this is my first sewing project.. who would've thought i'd actually be doing this!

02 November 2011