04 October 2011


don't know why i didn't post this earlier, been eye-ing it since i saw it at kinokinuya & that nbc gift store above at ngee ann city.
sigh. if only it didn't cost above SGD20..

03 October 2011

recent buys at the heeren!

due to my poor terrible handling of personal finances (i'm constantly taking the cab to work etc. etc.), i've strictly limited myself to spending no more than $15 on a top, $30 on a dress, & $40 on bottoms. exceptions are only made if the heavier-than-usual price tag is justified (this is of course, on case-by-case basis).

so, i popped by the heeren just this afternoon & idk if you (only applicable to singaporeans!) know this, but back in my day (like five years or so ago?), the heeren was the place for trendy *cough* teens to shop at, & it was always crowded as hell, so crowded, i hated going there. too bad though, i ended up getting dragged there by my friends anyway.

now, the whole place is just DEAD. dead, dead, DEAD. apparently they've been renovating, trying to give it a makeover or something, but man i feel bad for all the existing establishments there.. it's actually quite sad, considering how many teens used to flood this place.

f&b establishments don't seem to be doing too bad though, unlike retail, gosh! even ed hardy's moving out in two weeks.. which reminds me, clearance sale alert, people! leather belts for $15!! seriously though, it's been under renovation for a couple of years now? ridiculous imo, but meh, at the end of the day it's none of my concern, so meh.

anyway, back to the point: the clothing i got! both listed below. (:

[photo soon!]
100% cotton spag-dress (racerback) in sky-blue with kites printed on the bottom corner!
made in the us by heavy rotation
SGD25.00 from spin the bottle

:D (btw that's obv. not me pictured above)
it's not easy finding a tee w/ a chinchilla on it, but i found one!
..even though it looks kinda freakishly-weird. :x
got it for SGD15.00 from the ed hardy clearance sale! according to the very-nice salesman-who-let-me-charge-my-phone-while-i-shopped, it's old/extra stock from their store at great world city. original price on the tag? SGD49.90!
unfortunately made of 50% cotton + 50% polyester, i really couldn't resist though so i made an exception, even though it's super-thin & kinda clingy. sigh.