22 September 2011

ted baker bobble ring.

available at robinsons centerpoint for sgd68.00.
fingers crossed for 50% off in a month or two! :x

11 September 2011

well, not quite.

ladies (& gentlemen?), introducing, my very first pair of hi-tops.. the vans sk8-hi zebra! got them from orchard central for 89bucks.. you may have seen me yesterday, limping around furiously - one of my pumas had split! oh the horror.

although in hindsight, i probably shouldn't have gotten another pair of canvas shoes.. ah well! i was recently on the hunt for a pair of hi-tops that stood out but not too much, & tadah~.

it's all black, which makes it perfect for work too.

08 September 2011

yet another $29 dress!

this time, from robinsons (centerpoint), by oasis, a "brand" from the uk. original price? sgd79.00. i've been on the look-out for something like this for years! the first time i tried a dress w/ batwing sleeves, my boobs looked like they had sagged and somehow attached themselves to my arms. horrifying. so horrifying, it put me off trying anything resembling that dress.. even this dress. it was the last one on the rack, so, since i now work at robinsons, i figured i'd just buy it first, then try it on at home. if it didn't fit, well, i could just return it the next time i was on duty..

what can i say, i am rather fond of turquoise.. despite my ex-bff telling me about five years ago that turquoise didn't suit my skintone, after seeing me in my first turquoise tee by PureMilk (i know, what an embarassing name; i was only a teen back then, plus they had cute tees).

at first glance i thought it was a tunic, turns out that it's actually a kaftan! a thin, cotton turquoise kaftan w/ white embroidery, to be more precise. i managed to find it online just by google-imaging 'oasis embroidered kaftan', & so, tadah, here it is. the color's not as bright as in the photo though; the flash hurts my eyes, even when it's not directed at me..

03 September 2011

eco-warrior mode, on!

just kidding. but really, on a serious note, i recently read an article about how 'fast fashion' (ie. your typical high-street retailers like forever 21, h&m, etc.) contributes to an unbelievably large amount of clothes wastage (kids buy cheap clothing & take them for granted, throwing them out whenever they see fit, & so forth), and how the importance of 'sustainable fashion' is gradually but steadily increasing. this made me think, surely we could do more for the environment and at the same time, preserve our sense of style as well as satisfy our personal, sartorial needs?

i was walking to dinner a few hours ago, and started making a mental list of all my eco-friendly (or at least, claimed to be) items. i've my:

#1 recently-purchased hip hop watch from italy; i'm unsure if it's made of biodegradable silicone rubber like o'clock by fullspot though..
#2 red baggu backpack (made of recycled cotton!) which i've been lugging around everywhere, so much that i'm starting to see holes slowly appear in the bottom of my backpack. )':
#3 organic cotton tees from zara (lesser chemicals = lesser pollution, i guess?)

simply put, what i wanna know is: what have you been doing to help save our planet, & what eco-friendly products have you bought or are planning to buy?