09 July 2011

"let's be a fashionista! nippon style!"

i'm singaporean. singaporeans like freebies. did i mention i'm a girl? girls love freebies, cosmetic samples, perfume samples, free clothes, etc. it's natural for someone who enjoys shopping to like freebies, so no, don't be so ashamed. it's being what men call.. economical.

okay, back to the point: we all know catalog & juice right? well there's a new free magazine in town, and it's focused on, *dundundun*, japanese fashion!! which is great considering all those japanese fashion mags (eg. vivi Kawaii, ageha, etc.) at kinokuniya are super pricey. yes they've mooks & all, but what's the point of buying something most of us can't read?!

introducing, the recently launched Nth'! it is touted as being a "japanese fashion magazine catered to singaporean girls", which is smart as japanese culture is increasing popular here seeing as how we're both asian & they're like five times trendier than us. i picked my (& their) first copy up at parco next next just a week ago and i'm told that they're already fresh out! that's pretty fast considering #1 they're new #2 parco is a dead place #3 they released on 28 june! so if you see what seems to be a yellow booklet with just black words on the cover, GRAB IT. it's not bad for a first issue, plus, it's free! :x

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