08 July 2011

idk if..

you know who i am personally because frankly, i'm having a bit of trouble keeping track of which social media profile i've listed this as my blog, so i hardly choose to let my opinions be known here as i prefer this blog to be more focused on things i want to buy/bought/etc. however, this post shall be one of the few exceptions since well, it's something i want, and would like to see more. maybe i'll express my opinions more freely in the future, but for now, this shall be a start for me.

so. topic? photoshoots that are too arty-farty (ie. styled terribly) yet end up in a fashion magazine.

when i buy a fashion magazine, i "read" it to see photos of beautiful clothes in all their colorful glory. instead, i sometimes see the model's hair completely covering the collar of a plain dress, which only makes me think, oh no, what am i missing out on?! could the collar be beautifully detailed but no, just because the stylist/model thought it'd be cooler to have her hair all fluffed up and un-tied, i won't get to see it?!

the worst i've seen was a completely monochromatic shoot, which made me just crazy, wondering, omg, what color could this divinely-cut dress be? and what about those shoes? are they green, would i like them?? and it just went on and on until i got tired and never read the magazine again. i felt cheated.

this may sound cheap or even unreasonable to you, but if i paid SGD6/7 for my magazine, i think it's only fair that i get to see the clothes. if i wanted to see beautiful works of photography, then sure, i'd buy a photography mag. BUT I DIDN'T. i don't care if the model has a broad jawline or wide face & looks lousy in a ponytail, I REALLY DON'T.

i want to see clothes damnit. sure, it irks me too if they reference a piece or two incorrectly (ie. the store i can supposedly get it from is wrong, happens quite often w/ CHIC), but hey, if you pay a considerably lesser amount for a magazine, you'd see it coming & it'll be justified (sorta). but no, i refuse to be deprived of colors! i refuse to be deprived of viewing the clothes in its full glory! seriously, you stylists/photographers out there, you know who you are.


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