07 July 2011

beggars can't be choosers..

but honestly? i'm not complaining. i got this waterproof eyeliner from sasa's housebrand sasatinnie in metallic green last weekend. yes, you may laugh at how ridiculous it sounds (i did), but for SGD7.20 (i got it at only SGD5+! storewide 20% off now). it was tough finding an eyeliner that cost under SGD10 in khaki green (i originally wanted a dark forest/moss green but khaki's easier to wear i guess), but man i'm glad i finally found this one! yes, it may say metallic green,

listed here are the winning points:
1) waterproof (for real)
2) long-lasting (again, for real)
3) in a color that i like (yay!)
4) surprisingly not very noticably metallic!

but, but! what i love most apart from all the above, is the little cap pictured above on the left is the sharpener (the white bit). why? because the eyeliner is retractable, yet it can be sharpened! how unique is that?! i may not wear make-up very often but i sure do my research before i decide to settle for something named sasatinnie.

as for the sale, i don't know when it ends, but i guess one can assume sometime soon this month? because really, how often do good things happen, & for a long period of time? i wish.

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