28 July 2011

what i'm eyeing on etsy.

feeling a bit under the weather but for some strange reason, i'm in the mood to blog, so this will be a pretty photo-intensive post. click on the photos to visit the actual etsy page (urls to be added soon!).

22 July 2011

time for yet another spree.. or two. heh.

happy narwhal belt on shanalogic (USD16 12)

'nighttime forest' tee by sharp shirter on shanalogic (USD24)

'toothpick swarm' tee dress from threadless (USD44 36)

20 July 2011


just saw this on lifestyle asia, & oh my.. i don't care if it's hard to match, cuz when i'm finally able to afford it, i guess i wouldn't really have to care.

09 July 2011

"let's be a fashionista! nippon style!"

i'm singaporean. singaporeans like freebies. did i mention i'm a girl? girls love freebies, cosmetic samples, perfume samples, free clothes, etc. it's natural for someone who enjoys shopping to like freebies, so no, don't be so ashamed. it's being what men call.. economical.

okay, back to the point: we all know catalog & juice right? well there's a new free magazine in town, and it's focused on, *dundundun*, japanese fashion!! which is great considering all those japanese fashion mags (eg. vivi Kawaii, ageha, etc.) at kinokuniya are super pricey. yes they've mooks & all, but what's the point of buying something most of us can't read?!

introducing, the recently launched Nth'! it is touted as being a "japanese fashion magazine catered to singaporean girls", which is smart as japanese culture is increasing popular here seeing as how we're both asian & they're like five times trendier than us. i picked my (& their) first copy up at parco next next just a week ago and i'm told that they're already fresh out! that's pretty fast considering #1 they're new #2 parco is a dead place #3 they released on 28 june! so if you see what seems to be a yellow booklet with just black words on the cover, GRAB IT. it's not bad for a first issue, plus, it's free! :x

08 July 2011

idk if..

you know who i am personally because frankly, i'm having a bit of trouble keeping track of which social media profile i've listed this as my blog, so i hardly choose to let my opinions be known here as i prefer this blog to be more focused on things i want to buy/bought/etc. however, this post shall be one of the few exceptions since well, it's something i want, and would like to see more. maybe i'll express my opinions more freely in the future, but for now, this shall be a start for me.

so. topic? photoshoots that are too arty-farty (ie. styled terribly) yet end up in a fashion magazine.

when i buy a fashion magazine, i "read" it to see photos of beautiful clothes in all their colorful glory. instead, i sometimes see the model's hair completely covering the collar of a plain dress, which only makes me think, oh no, what am i missing out on?! could the collar be beautifully detailed but no, just because the stylist/model thought it'd be cooler to have her hair all fluffed up and un-tied, i won't get to see it?!

the worst i've seen was a completely monochromatic shoot, which made me just crazy, wondering, omg, what color could this divinely-cut dress be? and what about those shoes? are they green, would i like them?? and it just went on and on until i got tired and never read the magazine again. i felt cheated.

this may sound cheap or even unreasonable to you, but if i paid SGD6/7 for my magazine, i think it's only fair that i get to see the clothes. if i wanted to see beautiful works of photography, then sure, i'd buy a photography mag. BUT I DIDN'T. i don't care if the model has a broad jawline or wide face & looks lousy in a ponytail, I REALLY DON'T.

i want to see clothes damnit. sure, it irks me too if they reference a piece or two incorrectly (ie. the store i can supposedly get it from is wrong, happens quite often w/ CHIC), but hey, if you pay a considerably lesser amount for a magazine, you'd see it coming & it'll be justified (sorta). but no, i refuse to be deprived of colors! i refuse to be deprived of viewing the clothes in its full glory! seriously, you stylists/photographers out there, you know who you are.


07 July 2011

beggars can't be choosers..

but honestly? i'm not complaining. i got this waterproof eyeliner from sasa's housebrand sasatinnie in metallic green last weekend. yes, you may laugh at how ridiculous it sounds (i did), but for SGD7.20 (i got it at only SGD5+! storewide 20% off now). it was tough finding an eyeliner that cost under SGD10 in khaki green (i originally wanted a dark forest/moss green but khaki's easier to wear i guess), but man i'm glad i finally found this one! yes, it may say metallic green,

listed here are the winning points:
1) waterproof (for real)
2) long-lasting (again, for real)
3) in a color that i like (yay!)
4) surprisingly not very noticably metallic!

but, but! what i love most apart from all the above, is the little cap pictured above on the left is the sharpener (the white bit). why? because the eyeliner is retractable, yet it can be sharpened! how unique is that?! i may not wear make-up very often but i sure do my research before i decide to settle for something named sasatinnie.

as for the sale, i don't know when it ends, but i guess one can assume sometime soon this month? because really, how often do good things happen, & for a long period of time? i wish.

01 July 2011

gss buys #2!

in the past two days - well, three now, i've bought two pieces from the mango store at marina square since i work just downstairs and uh, since everything there's dirt cheap?! i know quite a number of their stuff is made in china, & that lotsa malay girls love shopping there for a variety of reasons which i'll leave you to guess, but the quality's actually better than forever 21 & almost on par w/ zara.

1) black linen pants at $29 (for work)
2) nautical-themed black/white cotton striped tee-dress w/ a rope waist-tie at $29 (casual wear), pictured below

both of which are comfy, & i like how the dress has little slits at the sides! i badly need to alter my pants asap though.