19 June 2011

places ima check out soon.

as i mentioned before, it's that time of the year again! i'll be starting work this following week at marina square, so where better to shop than the surrounding area? :3

here's a list of places i'll be headed to in the next few days:
1) deja vu vintage at millenia walk (selected sales items discounted up to 80% – separates from $10, dresses from $25, plus bags & shoes from $20 onwards? count me in!)
2) parco next next at millenia walk (yep, my old workplace. i'm keen to see the new batch of talent anyway, so i might as well pop by for a look if not to buy anything)

..& more, who knows.

*UPDATE: went there, looked around, didn't get anything in the end (like i suspected). new designers are nothing impressive, except maybe for a couple. as for deja vu, lotsa things are not made of 100% cotton and/or too small for me. oh well. i've to admit, i saw this coming a mile away.

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