14 June 2011

gss buys!

well, technically, they aren't exactly gss buys.. but meh, since it is gss season anyway (that's great singapore sale btw to all you foreigners out there, and yes, it's a nationwide sale). for now i'll just be listing only wearable items i've bought, otherwise:

#1 won't be easy for me to keep track
#2 this is wardrobe wishlist afterall (despite me digressing occasionally hehe).

so, my first buy was last sunday at bhg (junction 8). it's a simple, plain and comfy khaki green cotton tee from some cheena brand patch. it came w/ this black beaded ribbon-bow brooch which i'm very likely to give away lol. gyaru, yes, but too feminine for me really. photo/s soon! i'm gonna be cutting the collar into a scoop-neck as soon as i get time to go to the tailor/seamstress, so there'll be a before & after.

second buy was today at uniqlo (ion orchard); more about my trip to town (ie. ion+wheelock, i know i'm so lazy). i've always wanted something from uniqlo, & finally, i have it, and for just SGD9.90 (that's more than 50% off the original price of $24.90!)! i'm so glad i told myself about a month or two ago at the opening of one of their latest outlets at vivocity that no, i should wait for the price to dip, & boy am i glad i did! i love how they've so many print tees & collaborations w/ various designers now. there'll be more photos (self-taken ones, not ripped-off-from-google-images ones) soon, as soon as i pluck up the courage to use my crappy*ss phone cam & my skin condition gets better.

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