24 May 2011

hello again!

as everyone knows, the great singapore sale is just round the corner (or has it already kicked off?), so what better way to get things started (and ahem, to keep this blog running), than to share a discount code from zhai, one of my fave local labels!

i've mentioned in one of my early posts i think that i got a wrap skirt from them. zhai now has an online store, and apparently they only have the wrap skirt in beige. i got mine (black) on sale back then for slightly less (SGD70 SGD56), but guess what, you can too w/ the discount code for much, much less (SGD56 SGD41)! bear in mind too that there's free shipping (only to local addresses, that is).

simply enter '8888' for SGD15.00 off min. purchases of SGD50.00 (valid til 15 june 2011!). seems like a pretty good deal to me! i myself am eyeing the keyhole dress; the hole does seem to be a little too large though, so i might go down in person one of these days to millenia walk/haji lane to try it on.