14 April 2011

so recently..

i've been unbelievably busy w/ work since the beginning of march, so i've been unable to post since then. i have updated my wishlist however, & i must say, it differs greatly from my wishlist two years or so ago. for instance, i no longer want lacy peep-toe heels, or "something from fcuk".

that's right, i've managed to let go of one of my wishlist objectives: to collect at least one piece from every brand i've taken interest in. firstly, it's impractical, and secondly, it's just insane & will only make me a poorer person. or picky, but whatever, neither's good anyway.

so here are my priorities:
1) comfort
2) 100% cotton, otherwise i won't be able to wear it often
3) above acceptable quality (ie. no blogshop or $10 bugis street rubbish)
4) preferably on sale (just because i said no $10 bugis street rubbish doesn't mean i'm above buying $5 warehouse tops, oh no sirree!)

i shall post my wishlist as soon as i get the chance to refer to my blue notebook. oh that's right, i have a "fashion journal" now, where i sketch outfits consisting of current wardrobe pieces that i feel work.

here's a few that are fresh in my head to get me started..

1) black cotton pants (slightly tapered)
2) khaki/charcoal gray maxi dress
3) silk slip (gold?)
4) burgundy maxi skirt
5) long, slightly-oversized band tee to wear as a dress
6) doc marten clogs/loafers!
7) studded ring
8) confectionery accessories (cake/donut hairclips/rings etc.)
9) solid-colored, structured boxy bag for "work" the same size as a japanese schoolgirl's bag (eg. prada)
10) mocha brown hair (kiiinda achieved w/ that liese bubble hair dye thing.. didn't do it as thoroughly as i should though so only the top layer's brown; barely any difference though, probably cuz the color i chose is too dark for my hair)
11) bold-colored basic top, pref. 100% organic cotton (red, cobalt blue, etc.)

12) statement necklace of some sort (pref. handmade & acrylic)
13) scalloped t-shirt bra (like my old wrinkly seven y.o. beige ones lol)
14) olive-khaki 3/4 tapered trousers (work-friendly)
15) matte sushi nails
16) dress &/or tee w/ fun &/or quirky prints (eg. sushi, durians, chinchillas, etc. ie. things i like)
16) dress w. embroidered collar
17) retro clutch (pref. a color that pops!)

18) mustard waist belt (pref. vintage)
19) super-high platforms w/ a thick heel
20) deep burgundy/wine-colored tights
21) an ombre top/dress
22) crocheted-neckline dress

& so on..

recent buys include:
one short-sleeved light paperbag-brown 100% organic cotton tee from zara ($16.90)
two 3/4-sleeved brown & beige organic cotton slightly boatnecked tees from zara also ($19.90 ea)
large paddington bear tote from 7-eleven roflrofl (less than $20??)

..& more! mum recently returned from a short trip to bangkok, and she got me two pairs of pants, a black handmade leather laptop sleeve (that i hope to use as a clutch), and other stuff. can't wait!

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