26 April 2011

no clothes!

yup, since i recently got a new laptop (w/ a much bigger 14" screen too!), i figured i might as well try to make the most of it and catch up on lost time since i'm paying starhub $30-ish a month for mobile internet.

today's post are featuring two items; one of which i've seen in person, the other i've yet to try but am looking forward to. neither are clothing; in fact, this is the first time i've ever featured a cosmetic product (i think)!

introducing, the tokidoki perfetto eyeliner in sandy! i've been inspired by an ex-colleague who wears navy-colored eyeliner to divert from my usual brown, & i figured green was as different and unique as it's gonna get. besides, it's my fave childhood color, plus i think it'll go nicely w/ mocha-colored hair (that's right i'm planning to dye my hair mocha brown as soon as it reaches my shoulders properly; wish me luck!).

i actually wanted to try majolica majorca as recommended by local gyaru blogger hotaru, however they don't seem to have a liquid eyeliner pen in green, lest to say dark green, so oh well.

next, i was thinking of a getting a small, more compact cosmetic pouch, & i found the quirkiest pencil case ever in a stationery store at funan the it mall. say hello to the a-peeling (pun of the day, hah) banao elite banana pencil case! i was on the verge of getting it, but the last piece was in 6.5/10 condition, so i figured i'd try my luck online.

unfortunately it's sold out almost everywhere, otherwise it costs much more than i'm willing to spend on a cosmetic pouch (uk exchange rate + shipping costs can be quite intimidating). pity really, since i think it's the same length as an average eyeliner. really, all i need is a tiny pot of concealer for emergencies, an eyeliner, lipbalm (still hooked on lipsmackers) & in the near future, matte lipstain (still researching on that).

*UPDATE (14/6): "..i was told by the salesgirl that they're a seasonal item & were only brought in during last x'mas." oh my heart. D:

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